Republican Betting Odds 2020

November 4 Update: While the election tallies are still being counted in several important swing states, it's looking like President Donald Trump will end up as a one-termer. However, he actually increased his total support among the electorate and will effectively prevent a "Biden Consensus." You can still bet on various swing state electoral outcomes, and if you choose Trump now, you'd get a massive payout if he actually ends up the winner. 

In what can only be categorized as a circus, the 2016 presidential election will never be forgotten: The Republican Party elected a Washington outsider nominee that nobody considered a plausible option until he won on election night. Some critics claim the 2016 election cycle certainly redefined the GOP, many at first claimed it would dismantle the party at its core.

While the 2016 race had been a virtual smorgasbord of opportunity for political wagering, we predict an endless array of Vegas election odds covering a host of categories for the 2020 Election. This page is focused specifically on providing you with information about various political odds and betting lines associated with the Republican Party for the 2020 race.

🦠 Coronavirus Update: Republican candidate and incumbent Donald Trump has seen first hand what the Coronavirus can do to Presidential odds. Since the pandemic hit the US, his odds have fluctuated up and down depending on what he says each day. Vegas election odds affected by the Coronavirus not only affect Trump's re-election odds, but also Democratic candidate odds, state primaries, and possibly the general election.

Republican Presidential Candidates for 2020

The field of Presidential candidates running Republican for 2020 is much smaller than the field for Democratic candidates. Incumbent President Donald Trump is seeking reelection in 2020 and only three other Republican filed with the FEC to challenge him for the Republican nomination. Two of them - Mark Sanford and Joe Walsh - have already dropped out. The Republican candidates currently running for President in 2020 are:

Where Can I Place Bets On the Vegas Republican Odds?

We provide a listing of recommended offshore online sportsbooks that offer US-friendly political betting. These sites have all been carefully vetted by our team of professionals to offer a secure, high-quality betting environment through a legally licensed and regulated offshore online sportsbook destination. There are no US federal laws that prohibit US residents from placing political wagers online through legally sanctioned offshore sportsbooks.

However, two states - Washington and Connecticut - established specific state laws barring residents from gambling over the Internet. That said, there is no record of anyone being fined or arrested in WA or CT for using these online services, though you are advised to proceed at your own risk.

Top Sportsbooks To Bet On The 2020 Presidential Election

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2020 Republican Presidential Nominee – Donald Trump

While we do know that President Trump will be defending his seat in 2020, we do not know if any credible Republican challenger will emerge to take him on for the GOP nomination. While it is standard to allow a sitting President the option of taking the ticket for himself, we are quite sure that the traditions and standards common to the structure of the political system of the United States went out the door in 2016.

2024 Republican Nomination Odds

  • Donald Trump +400
  • Mike Pence +400
  • Nikki Haley +500
  • John Kasich +800
  • Josh Hawley +1000
  • Ted Cruz +1200
  • Tim Scott +1400
  • Tom Cotton +1400
  • Dan Crenshaw +1600
  • Bill Weld +2000
  • Paul Ryan +2000
  • Carly Fiorina +2500
  • Donald Trump Jr. +2500
  • Mark Cuban +2500
  • Rudy Giuliani +2500
  • Kristi Noem +3000
  • Candace Owens +3300
  • Ron DeSantis +3500

* Republican Nominee for the 2020 Election, Odds No Longer Available.


Will Republicans Take The House in 2022?

The chance that the Republicans will be able to take the House of Representatives in 2022 is too far in the future to predict. Various factors affect a party's ability to win a majority in the House such as sitting President at the time, party favorability, attitude toward passing laws, and so on. While the Republicans lost the House in the 2018 Midterm elections, it is impossible to determine with they will regain their majority in the House in the 2022 Midterm elections. However, some pundits believe the GOP will retake the House in 2020, and if they do, retaining it in 2022 should be an easier proposition.

Will The Republicans Keep the Senate 2022?

At this moment in time, it is too early to assume the position the Republicans will hold in the Senate. The upcoming 2022 Midterm elections are too far away, and with factors affecting the Republican hold on the Senate (such as the 2020 Presidential election, state of the union, and laws passed), it is hard to accurately predict whether the Republicans will keep the Senate in 2022. If they manage to keep or grow their majority in 2020, the GOP will have an edge on retaining the Senate in the 2022 midterms.

Is Donald Trump Getting Impeached?

Trump was already impeached once (Dec. 2019 - Feb. 2020) and acquitted of all charges on a straight party line vote. However, the Democrats are likely not finished testing the impeachment waters, and our impeachment odds page goes into detail what has to happen before a sitting President is removed from office. Trump could well become the first ever US President to be impeached multiple times, especially if the Democrats keep the House in 2020. He may even be impeached three or more times!

Other Types of Republican Odds To Bet On

There are numerous other party related betting lines available. Keeping the House and Senate are not the only Republican odds that are circulating. You can place a bet on which party will win the popular vote, which party will have the most voters turn out, which party will win the Presidency, Vice President odds, which party will win the most states, and so on. The odds offered seem to change daily, so be sure to compare lines at our State Electoral College odds page.

Republican Congressional Candidates for 2020

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