Republican Betting Odds 2016

In what can only be categorized as a circus, the 2016 presidential election is nearly over. The Republican Party elected a Washington outsider nominee that nobody considered a plausible option, until they did. This election cycle has certainly redefined the GOP, and many claim, has dismantled the party at its core. This race has been a virtual smorgasbord of opportunity for political wagering, with an endless array of Vegas election odds covering a host of categories. This page is focused specifically on providing you with information about various odds and betting lines associated with the Republican Party.

2016 Republican Presidential Nominee – Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the 2016 republican presidential nominee with running mate Mike Pence on his ticket. Trump is evidence that the odds can transform over the course of an election cycle and can be defied by unexpected circumstances. Trump beat the odds that were released at the onset of his campaign, and also beat out 16 other GOP candidates. Now all the odds are fixated on the business tycoon who high jacked the Republican Party, and his presence in the race is influencing races all the way down the ballot. Predictions have fluctuated concerning betting odds and lines associated with the GOP, proving to be fluid with the day to day current happenings in the lives of both presidential candidates. With one scandal after another emerging for both Trump and Clinton, their approval ratings change daily.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Betting Odds
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Where Can I Place Bets On the Vegas Republican Odds?

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Will Republicans Keep The House in 2016?

The odds of the Republicans keeping their house majority have shifted back and forth a little bit throughout the race, but most political experts and oddsmakers have felt that it was a long shot for the Democrats to take the house from the beginning. Some did hope that Trump’s presence in the race would harm republican congressional candidates in the competitive states, but his recovery of support following multiple accusations of sexual misconduct has minimized any damage he is doing to down the ballot candidates.

Some experts are giving an 80% chance that republicans will keep the house while others are claiming a 100% chance of a GOP controlled house remaining. Geoffrey Skelley takes congressional math at the Univeristy of Virginia’s Center for Politics, and recently stated in an interview  that there is a zero chance the democrats will win the House. He bases his prediction on the fact that Trump has recovered in the polls with around 85% of republicans supporting him. The democrats needed a massive GOP failure in order to reclaim the house, and they aren’t going to get it. In fact, they would have to outperform republicans in regions with heavy GOP support. The odds republicans take the house are indeed very favorable.

Because the odds have gone so far in the republicans’ favor for keeping the house, we’ve seen a lot of the betting lines covering those races removed from action at political betting sites. Without much risk involved, those lines are no longer conducive to betting action as much. They will likely be replaced with prop bets that focus on the stats of the win.

Will The Republicans Keep the Senate 2016?

Now these odds are a little more interesting, and are being covered by some political betting sites. The senate races are much closer in competitive states, and the majority of seats that are up for election are republican. Of the 100 seats in the Senate, 34 are being contested with 10 democrat and 24 republican seats. The democrats need to gain five seats to take the chamber back. Along with control of the Senate, the confirmation of a new Supreme Court Justice is at stake, making control of the Senate critical for each party. In fact, the Supreme Court Justice seat is enough of a concern to the republican voter base that many are basing their entire support of Trump on this one issue.

Because the senate races will be much closer than the congressional races, there have been lines and odds emerging on the likelihood of republicans keeping the senate in 2016. In addition, we have seen odds on the outcome of some of the competitive senate races. On the final days leading up to the election results, you may see a variety of props bets and strait lines associated with which party will control the senate in 2016.

Other Types of Republican Odds To Bet On

There are numerous other party related betting lines available. Keeping the house and senate are not the only republican odds that are circulating. You can place a bet on which party will win the popular vote, which party will have the most voters turn out, which party will win the presidency, which party will win the most states, etc. The lines offered seem to change daily, so be sure to compare the lines our our State Electoral College odds page. You can also view our 2016 Democratic betting odds page which is similar to this page but covering the Democratic party election odds.