Betting On Presidential Press Conferences 2024

Throughout Donald Trump's term as President, one of the newest election odds markets to emerge was the famous (or infamous, depending on your side of aisle) Trump press conference phenomenon. The Trump administration delivered lively daily reports that filled up every primetime afternoon news slot across all major news networks for four straight years, and you could always bet on them!

Now, of course, there are far fewer Biden press conferences in comparison. However, that means that these events will also generate intrigue and betting lines all their own, making press conference odds a new staple at the best Vegas election betting sportsbooks. You'll be able to wager on all kinds of props related to these events, including what Biden will wear, what topics he'll "discuss," and even whether or not he'll mispronounce – or straight-up blabber incoherently about – popular political words and phrases of the day.

Top Online Sportsbooks For 2024 Biden Press Conference Prop Bets

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Where To Find Legal Presidential Press Conference Odds For 2024

You can find Biden press conference betting lines at the top offshore sportsbooks. While you may see Vegas election odds touting these pressers, that’s just a hook to get bettors into their sportsbooks to put cash on traditional sports (as Vegas can't offer actual bets on politics for real money).

The following sportsbooks all offer a host of political props and lines, and joining is fast, free, safe, and legal. No federal laws exist barring individuals from signing up and betting real money at these outlets, and the only state that has mandates against online gambling in general is WA (which doesn’t actually bother to enforce their own rules, just like Big Government!).

How To Find The Best Presidential Press Conference Betting Lines

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of betting sites on the Internet. It’s a big place. But most of these are not reputable sportsbooks – or even legal ones. That’s why we’ve made it easy to find the best sites for Biden betting by listing only the brands that have proven themselves over several years of scandal-free operation – which is more than we can say about any politician – especially Creepy Joe!

That said, remember that each site offers different Vegas-style election odds with different payouts, which is why you should consider signing up for several and shopping lines for the best deals.

After all, choosing a sportsbook isn’t like picking one of the 2024 political candidates – you can “cast your vote” for as many as you like, and every single one of them is way better for your bottom line.

Current 2024 Biden Press Conference Prop Bets

There aren't as many Biden press conferences as there were Trump press conferences, but whenever they crop up, they still generate a lot of betting interest – and a lot of betting action. Typically, you'll only be able to bet on Presidential press conferences a few days before the event (up until the day of the event itself), which is the general case with all political event prop betting short of major elections.

Whenever Biden press conference betting lines are posted at the top Vegas sportsbooks online, we'll post them right here so you can always be up to date. For now, there are a bunch of odds on current political events that you can wager on.

Where To Watch Biden Press Conference Live Coverage

joe biden confused at presidential press conference

If you want to wager on Joe Biden press conferences, you should probably do some homework first. Fortunately, there is plenty of Biden press conference YouTube coverage to sort through (if you like ads and sneaky edits), but you can also tune in live to major networks like CNN, MSNBC, OAN, Breitbart, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX News, and more to get an idea of the kinds of things Biden might mention whenever he's allowed to come up out of the basement.

Armed with this information – and understanding how these Biden news conferences are conducted – you should be able to wager and win on the political props available to you at the best election betting sites. When the cameras are rolling, you can be bankrolling!