Vegas Election Odds For US Senator Lindsey Graham

Ranking Member of the Senate Budget Committee

Lindsey GrahamMost Recent Election: Senator Lindsey Graham won reelection with 54.6% of the vote, easily beating his challenger by more than 10 points. Democrat Jaime Harrison spent $108.9 million in the attempt to unseat Graham, which was the most expensive Senate campaign in US history.

When it comes to Republican Party power players in Washington, D.C., only a select few rank higher than US Senator Lindsey Graham. He has been a member of the US House or Senate for the last 27 years and has full intention of remaining atop the GOP for at least another six. It is unclear if Graham will run for reelection in 2026.

Graham, alongside Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, is a ranking member of the upper chamber, and the betting odds for the Senate to flip back to the GOP are fairly decent before the 2022 Midterms. This is mostly attributable to the recent fall in the polls for President Joe Biden, who is not viewed with much approval after "winning" the "most" "votes" in US history. Graham is considered to be a sort of bridge between establishment Republicans and Trumpists.

If you are interested in wagering on Lindsey Graham’s US Senate reelection odds for 2026, you're going to have to wait a long time. Of course, Graham has tremendous influence on other Senate and House races, and he's therefore important for all election bettors to keep an eye on. Read on to learn about all the vital aspects of political betting, including the best online sportsbooks to wager on election outcomes and what bettors can expect to find upon arrival.

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Lindsey Graham Reelection Odds 2026

Senator Graham is popular in South Carolina, which is also a region that has leaned toward the Republican side of the political spectrum for the past twenty years. There are no betting odds on Graham’s Senatorial reelection bid right now, and there's not even a guarantee that he'll run for the post in 2026.

However, as the 2022 Midterms approach, Graham will have a tremendous impact on the races, as his endorsement carries a lot of weight in Congress. Thus, in some capacity, all political sportsbooks will have betting odds that will be influenced by Graham.

2022 US Senate Election Odds

While Graham isn't up for reelection until 2026, all the best online sportsbooks will have US Senate odds for the 2022 Midterms. Graham, as ever, will be a major force in this election, as the GOP tries to flip the upper chamber back to its control. You'll find US Senate balance-of-power odds and individual race odds at all the top betting sites.

Current Odds - Political Specials

Which Party Will Control The Senate After The 2024 Election?

  • Republican -200
  • Democratic +150

Odds Provided By Bovada

Is It Legal To Bet On Lindsey Graham Election Odds?

Yes! That said, Vegas has historically produced election odds but does not accept wagers on them. If you are looking for a legal outlet for election outcome wagering, then an offshore political sportsbook is the best option. Gambling with a betting site that is operating outside of United States jurisdiction is not defined in state or federal gambling laws, allowing for political wagering without fear of arrest or prosecution.

Washington state has passed laws that ban all forms of online gambling within their borders, but the political betting sites that we recommend on this page allow for members from WA.

Gambling laws target illegal providers and are not focused on the participants. That’s why we’ve yet to hear of any arrests for online gambling in those states. Either way, its always best to familiarize yourself with regional gambling laws and the terms of membership at betting sites.

How To Bet On Lindsey Graham Reelection

In order to wager on Lindsey Graham’s reelection – or any other Senate election – bettors will need to become a member of an offshore political sportsbook. Just select one of the top-rated betting sites we recommend in this guide and follow the provided link to get started.

Once there, select the “Join” button at the top of the home page. The next page will ask for the entry of personal information such as your name and address and will also require the creation of a login and password. The next page will ask for your first deposit into your bankroll.

Common deposit options include credit/debit cards, wire transfers, cashier’s check, and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Stellar, Ethereum, and Ripple. Offshore sportsbooks prefer the use of crypto because of its decentralized status, which provides for fast and secure transactions. Another benefit of crypto is that it's the only method that allows for same-day payouts.

Once your deposit has been made, navigate to the sportsbook section of your sportsbook site, locate the political betting subsection, and place a wager on Lindsey Graham or any of his colleagues in the upcoming election.

2020 Lindsey Graham United States Senate Reelection Campaign - Recap

Senator Graham was easily able to advance beyond the primary election cycle, earning over two-thirds of the total vote count. He then faced off against Democratic contender Jaime Harrison in the general election, who raised a record $108.9 million to unseat the incumbent.

That didn't work, of course, and Graham's reelection was somewhat non-competitive given the massive spending delta. Graham beat Harrison by 10+ points, 54.4% to 44.2% in a humiliating loss for the Democrats and their donors. However, the SC Senator is popular enough – and vulnerable enough – that you'll definitely find Lindsey Graham betting odds if he runs again in 2026.

US Senator Lindsey Graham’s Political Career

House of Represenatives Seal

Following his legal career in the United States Air Force, Lindsey Graham ran for the South Carolina House of Representatives in 1992, ousting the incumbent and earning 60% of the vote. Following his first term, Graham ran for and won South Carolina’s 3rd Congressional seat in the US House (1994), again earning 60% of the total vote.

After serving four terms in the US House, Graham set his sights on becoming the next US Senator from South Carolina when Strom Thurman decided to retire. Graham was elected to the Senate in 2002 and has remained in that role since that time. He is now considered to be the second most powerful GOP member in the senate behind Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Senator Graham was part of a large field of GOP candidates for the President of the United States in 2015, but he eventually dropped out of the race. He was extremely critical of Trump during the campaign but warmed to him during the President’s first term and is considered a Trump loyalist to a small degree.

Lindsey Graham Bio

  • Business Holdings: n/a
  • Net Worth: $1 Million (2018 Estimate)
  • Age: 65
  • Spouse: n/a
  • Children: n/a
  • Religion: Baptist
  • Campaign
  • Twitter: @LindseyGrahamSC

Lindsey Graham’s Policies

  • Supporter of Free Speech
  • Pro NSA Surveillance
  • Opposes Natural Born Citizen Status of Immigrants
  • Favors Increased Gun Controls
  • Opposes Obamacare
  • Anti-Abortion
  • Supports Foreign Intervention

Lindsey Graham FAQs