2024 Vegas Election Odds For Donald Trump Jr.

Son Of Trump, Probable Heir Apparent

Donald Trump Jr.Donald John Trump Jr.’s allure in political circles isn’t just his namesake, it’s the fact that – aside from his old man – he’s the most outspoken MAGA hardliner in the whole family.

That’s why the Donald Trump Jr. Vegas betting odds for potential Presidential candidate are so high, despite his never holding political office.

Yes, even though his dad’s been President since 2016, Junior never spent much time at the White House, or even in Washington DC. While other members of his family served in various appointed capacities, DJTJR seemed to stay on the outside. But he might step in eventually. And whether he does or not, you can bet on Trump Jr.’s President chances right now at the best online political betting sites.

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2024 Donald Trump Jr. Presidential Election Odds

Now, Donald John Trump, Jr. might be the heir apparent, but he’s certainly not the hair apparent, as his ‘do is considerably darker (and there’s considerably more of it). But it’s not the hair, it’s the man. And even as his sister served under 45 in the White House while DJTJR didn’t and Ivanka's election odds are covered in sportsbooks, his popularity has only grown since the 2020 debacle. This makes a scenario with Don Jr. running for President more likely.

Or, at least, it makes his chances of winning the 2024 election more likely if he actually enters the race. After all, during Trump’s first term, Jr. might as well have been the POTUS’ press secretary, given his acumen for pressing all the right buttons on social media. He knows what the job takes on the front end and the back end. Like father, like son.

What Are Don Jr.'s Chances Of Winning The 2024 Presidential Election?

While "Don Jr. for President" is trending online, Trump 2’s political career is up in the air like so many Trump towers. Of course, that ceiling – again, like so many Trump towers – is sky high. Trump voters and bettors still favor Donald Sr.’s election odds for 2024, but if The Donald doesn’t run – and if The Ronald stays out of the fray – it’s very possible that Trump Jr. will throw his hat in the ring. He could even be a Vice Presidential candidate under someone like DeSantis. Which, of course, is something you’ll be able to bet on, too.

Is It Legal To Bet On Donald Trump Jr. Odds?

If you live in these United States of America, you can’t legally bet on politics with domestic sportsbooks, which is why Vegas political lines are mere advertisements and gimmicks. But when you bet real money at the top international online sportsbooks, political gambling is 100% safe and legal for all Americans aged 18 and up. If you’re old enough to vote (twice if you’re a Democrat!), you’re old enough to bet on Donald Trump Jr. election chances and other political betting odds online.

Note: Washington state has laws barring all online gambling, but these laws are historically unenforced, and the sites we recommend accept members from WA. Still, you are advised to abide by all local gaming mandates.

How To Bet On Donald Trump Jr. Presidential Odds Online

Whether you want to bet on DJT Jr., the Republican election odds for taking back the US House of Representatives at the 2022 Midterms, US Senate election odds, or any number of political props, election futures, and current events odds, the process is the same at every site listed here.

These sportsbooks are safe, legal, and welcome all US bettors, regardless of your political affiliation. And because these venues are all online, you don’t even have to wear a mask!

To bet on Trump Jr.'s chances to become President – or to bet on any other political gambling lines – here's what you'll need to do:

  1. Follow any link here to join a reputable online sportsbook that offers Vegas-style election betting lines on US and international political odds.
  2. Enter in all required data during the brief sign-up process, taking care to use your real, verifiable info. Don’t worry: Unlike your voting history, your betting history is private and secure!
  3. Choose a deposit method to add money to your gambling account. All the best online betting sites accept various cryptocurrencies, which is what we recommend. Crypto is the only bet funding option that gives you enhanced bonuses and same-day payouts with no added fees.
  4. As soon as your deposit is accepted, you can now wager on any political race you please, as well as participate in all the other real-money online gambling markets these sites support.

You can also claim online betting bonuses during the deposit process above. However, please be aware that such gambling promotions come with wagering requirements that represent a multiple (usually 5-10X) of your deposit + bonus amount. Because these are reasonable and easy to meet, however, we recommend that most bettors accept these optional perks.

Donald Trump Jr. Bio – Who Is Donald Trump Jr.?

Donald Trump Jr. is the eldest son of President Donald Trump, and he was born on December 31, 1977, in Manhattan, New York City, to Trump and then-wife Ivana. Trump Jr. is very much like his old man, and as he was thrust into the public eye after 2016, he’s assembled an influential following and a massive voter constituency.

For his education, Trump II attended Buckley School in NY and The Hill School in PA before enrolling in the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, which is Trump Sr.’s alma mater. There, he graduated in 2000 with a BS in economics, again following in his father’s footsteps. Ivanka would do the same four years later.

After college, Trump Jr. took a year off to live the outdoor life in Colorado before returning to New York and joining the Trump Organization. There, he supervised various building projects, launched other initiatives under the Trump banner, and later became a guest advisor and judge on The Apprentice.

In 2016, Trump Jr. helped steer his father’s Presidential campaign, and in 2017, Trump Jr. and brother Eric Trump oversaw the Trump Organization’s assets while Trump Sr. served as US President.

Donald Trump Jr. was married to former model Vanessa Haydon from 2005 to 2018, with whom he has five children.

  • Business Holdings: Trump Organization
  • Net Worth: $300 million
  • Age: 43 (as of 2021)
  • Spouse: Vanessa Haydon (div. 2018)
  • Children: 5
  • Religion: Christian
  • Campaign: N/A
  • Twitter: @DonaldJTrumpJr
  • Campaign Slogan: N/A

Donald Trump Jr. Political Experience

Although DJTJR has no direct political experience in terms of holding public office either via elected or appointed post, he has tremendous experience through his exposure to the trials and tribulations that defined his father’s first term in office.

And given that Trump Sr. took the highest office in the land and became easily the greatest US President of all time, most bettors aren’t counting Trump Jr. out for any lack of experience.

If anything, DJT2 has been exposed to a lifetime of political experience over the last several years, and there’s no question that he’s aced the PR and messaging games. He has a winning role model, after all. Bettors – and voters – are counting on that when putting money on his election chances for 2024 and beyond.

Donald Trump Jr. Political Platform

Donald Trump Jr.’s politics can be summed up in one word: Trump. Or, if you like, one acronym: MAGA. What his platform can’t be described as, ironically, is “Trump Jr.”

Despite being his father’s son, his political leanings are even more unapologetically American than The Donald’s. He’s MAGA and KAG from top to bottom, an unapologetic Western capitalist with a healthy America-first outlook.

  • Supports MAGA
  • Supports election integrity reform
  • Supports election audits
  • Supports the border wall
  • Supports pro-life initiatives
  • Supports America-first initiatives
  • Supports common-sense conservation
  • Supports 2A rights/gun rights
  • Opposes illegal immigration
  • Opposes COVID lockdowns
  • Opposes COVID passports
  • Opposes nonvoluntary masking
  • Opposes foreign interventionism
  • Opposes Common Core “education”
  • Opposes Big Tech censorship
  • Opposes Democrats right to their ugly faces!

Donald Trump Jr. FAQs