Presidential Debate Betting Odds & Lines

The Presidential debates will continue to gain momentum in the coming months as we near the 2020 Presidential election on November 3rd. Debates are not only interesting to listen to and learn about candidates but can also provide lucrative betting lines and odds.

Debates can also directly affect the public’s perception of a candidate as they interact with other contenders on live broadcasting services either boosting them to stardom or making them hit rock bottom.

Where Can I Bet on Presidential Debates?

Any Vegas bookmaker in Nevada or premium offshore sportsbook is likely to offer odds and betting lines on the Presidential debates. However, some of the newer state-based sportsbooks may not yet offer political betting lines.

The trusted and secure offshore sportsbooks we recommend on this page all provide competitive odds and paylines for betting on Presidential debates and offer political prop bets and odds comparable with what is released by the Vegas oddsmakers.

Best Sportsbooks for Betting on Presidential Debates in 2019 and 2020

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Presidential Debate Odds

Sportsbooks will offer odds for Presidential debates anywhere from weeks to hours before they are scheduled to occur. Vegas odds for Democratic debates can include a variety of betting lines and prop bets covering topics such as:

  • What running policies will be discussed
  • Whether or not hot topics like immigration, gun control, and climate change are discussed by Democratic candidates
  • Who will speak the most during the debates
  • Will a candidate’s name will be mispronounced
  • What colors will specific candidates wear

These lines are usually structured as pop bets and are simple to place bets on without extensive knowledge of intricate odds calculations.

Look for Candidate Trends

It is important to research which candidates will be debating before placing a wager on them. The likelihood of a candidate succeeding in a debate could be as simple as who they are facing, their experience with other candidates, whether they agree on certain policies, or are polarized.

Some candidates ramp up engagement efforts before the debates via town halls, public call outs, mentioning other candidates, social media, and revealing new policies which become hot conversation topics, and so on.

Hedge Your Debate Bet

Hedging your debate bets is all about finding a win-win situation. This could mean wagering on two individuals in the debate who seem like the strongest contenders or ones who have obvious policy stances and finding debate betting lines which relate to these policies. Again, this option will have to be specific to the debate betting lines available.

Presidential Debate Schedule for 2020

The Presidential debates scheduled for 2020 have not been announced yet. However, as soon as the Democrats and Republicans solidify their party nominees, the official 2020 Presidential debate schedule will be announced.

Do Las Vegas Oddsmakers Really Care About The Debates?

Absolutely.  Many people think oddsmakers only follow sports, however, this is not the case.  Oddsmakers will calculate predictions on just about anything that people will bet on, including politics and associated events. Political betting has surged in popularity in the last several years.

Oddsmakers would be missing out on a huge opportunity if they were to negate the public's interest in political wagering.  Political prediction markets have expanded in number due to the upward trend represented by political betting action.

When Are The 2019 Presidential Debates?

How Many Democratic Debates Will Be Held Before The Nominee Is Decided?

  • NBC has reported that there will be 12 debates leading up to the nomination.
  • 6 debates are scheduled for 2019.

Prop Bets For The 6th Democratic Debate

Republican Debate

The Republican party will not be holding Republican primary debates at this time, as the Republican National Convention has opted to skip debates to support incumbent President Donald Tump’s reelection campaign.

However, the Republican National Convention did note they would permit a debate if they saw the need for it. In addition, Vegas bookmakers and offshore sportsbooks have Republican odds available for several potential party contenders.

Where Can I Watch Presidential Elections?

The Presidential debates can be watched on several platforms such as television networks covering the debates live like CNN, NBC News, MSNBC, and Telemundo networks. These networks also offer mobile streaming apps, which can be conveniently watched on your favorite mobile device. NBC and MSNBC will be offering live streaming options for those who like to watch their debate content online on their computer or laptop.