Vegas Election Odds For US Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC)November 4 Update: AOC won reelection in 2020 with 68.8% of the vote. 

United States Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez made an immediate impact upon her arrival in Washington, D.C. in 2018, and quickly made allies in Congress, forming “the Squad” alongside fellow female Democratic Representatives Ilhan Omar (MN), Ayanna Pressley (MA), and Rashida Tlaib (MI).

Just two years later she is in a great position for reelection to her 14th District House Seat from New York, with polls suggesting she is the heavy favorite against Republican Party contender John Cummings. If you are a political better that would like to wager on Rep AOC’s Vegas election odds, read on to discover the best places to do so.

Despite her political inexperience, she is fearless, sometimes to a fault. The people she represents adore her and feel that she is representing their best interests as a community. She is also a thorn in the side of the GOP and President Trump, which further endears her to the constituents in New York’s 14th district.

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AOC Reelection Odds

There are currently no betting lines featuring Vegas election odds for Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s reelection, but they will likely appear closer to the November deadline as she is popular on the national political scene for a variety of reasons.

For now, bettors that are looking for action on the US House of Representatives will have to either wait until individual race odds are posted, or they can wager on betting lines that feature odds on the balance of power of the House and Senate.

2020 US Senate Election Odds

Although there are no odds placed on Representative Cortez’s reelection chances, there are betting lines for the balance of power of both legislative bodies come November. Until recently, there were House odds reflecting the balance of power after November’s elections, but they have since been removed. This is likely due to the betting line not receiving much action, as the Democrat odds represent a near certainty to maintain their majority in the US House, and perhaps even add to it.

Current Odds - Political Specials

Will Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) Complete Her First Term In Congress?

  • Yes -500
  • No +300

Will Andrew Yang Be Elected The Next Mayor Of New York City In 2021?

  • No -180
  • Yes +135

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2024 Presidential Election Odds

When we say AOC is popular, we're not just making water cooler talk. She has made a deep impression with people across the nation and not just in her Congressional district. In August of 2020, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez appeared in the Vegas Presidential election odds for 2024 as the leading candidate to be the Democratic Party's nominee. These odds debuted during a time when Joe Biden was still favored to defeat Donald Trump, implying that AOC would have become the next nominee for the DNC whether or not he became President. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appears to have a bright political future ahead and is a Washington, D.C., power player that demands attention.

DNC Presidential Candidate In 2024

  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez +300
  • Joe Biden +300
  • Kamala Harris +350
  • Elizabeth Warren +800
  • Bernie Sanders +1000
  • Michelle Obama +1000
  • Andrew Cuomo +1200
  • Pete Buttigieg +1500
  • Michael Bennet +2000

Is It Legal To Bet On Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Election Odds?

Although Las Vegas betting odds have been offered for many years, Nevada sportsbooks have never accepted wagers on them. Betting on AOC’s election odds will require a visit to an offshore sportsbook operating online, which are legal to use because gambling laws fail to address wagering with an entity located outside of the United States’ jurisdiction.

This leaves a legal option for US bettors on the Vegas election odds posted at top offshore sportsbooks without fear of penalty or prosecution. CT and WA have passed laws forbidding all online gambling, but our recommended sportsbooks accept members from those states.

Gambling laws target the illegal gambling providers and not the participants, which is probably why we’ve yet to hear of any arrests in those states. We advise making yourself familiar with all regional gambling laws and the terms and conditions of membership at each betting site before wagering on political odds.

How To Bet On AOC’s Reelection

In order to wager on Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s Vegas reelection odds, bettors will need to register as a new member for an offshore sportsbook. Simply select one of the sites we recommend on this page and click the “join” button at the top of the home page.

The first page will require the entry of personal data such as your name and address and will involve the creation of confidential login credentials. The next page will ask for the first deposit into a new member’s bankroll. Common methods of deposit include debit/credit cards, wire transfers, and cashier’s checks.

Cryptocurrency is also accepted and is the preferred method of deposit and withdrawal. In fact, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Tether, Litecoin, and Ethereum, are the only method that allows for payouts in the same day – sometimes as soon as fifteen minutes.

Crypto also provides for the highest levels of welcome bonus cash. Other withdrawal methods include wire transfer, cashier’s check by courier, and voucher. Once the first deposit has been made, navigate to the sportsbook section of the site and locate the political odds tab to find AOC’s reelection odds.

2020 Alexandria Ocasio Cortez US House Reelection Campaign

Although Representative AOC was just elected in 2018, she is already back on the campaign trail in 2020. Congressional terms are only two years long, which doesn’t leave much time to do anything other than campaign. On November 3, New York's 14th District voters will decide whether they prefer AOC or GOP candidate John Cummings. The polls heavily favor Ocasio-Cortez, so when odds do appear on her US House race, we expect her to be favored by a significant margin.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s Political Career

House of Represenatives SealOutside of assisting with campaign work, AOC has not had any significant political experience prior to being elected to the United States House of Representatives. Perhaps that is why she is not hampered by being a rookie Congresswoman and has been aggressive from the beginning. She is intent on her voice being heard and representing her constituents to the fullest. Her primary campaign message reflects her home district and the struggles they experience on a day to day basis. She has a strong connection with her community, and despite some early stumbles, is favored to win another term.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Bio

  • Business Holdings: n/a
  • Net Worth: $511,000
  • Age: 30
  • Spouse: Riley Roberts (domestic partner – male)
  • Children: None
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Campaign
  • Twitter: @AOC

AOC’s Policies

  • Heath Care For All
  • Supports Gun Control And An Assault Weapons Ban
  • Supports LGBTQ Rights
  • Pro Women’s Rights
  • Supports Climate Change Research And Funding
  • Opposes Irresponsible Wall Street Regulations
  • Believes All US Citizens Should Be Guaranteed Housing

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez FAQs