Vice President Candidates For The 2024 Presidential Election

One of the more entertaining aspects of election betting – or just following elections in general – is keeping up on the Vegas odds for potential VP candidate picks. Because Presidential candidates often go through most of the primary election cycle without selecting a running mate, there’s usually rampant speculation on which possible politician would best serve a given nominee in their quest to keep or flip valuable states.

This was never truer than in the 2020 Presidential election, and with so much going on during the cycle – from Trump impeachment to the coronavirus outbreak to historic stock market volatility – political betting odds on the Democratic VP candidate fluctuated daily and provided huge payouts.

Offshore sportsbooks offer Vegas-style odds on all of the most popular VP choices for a given cycle, and these are usually available throughout the entire runup to the general election (or until the VPs are announced).

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Election Recap: 2020 Democratic Vice President Selection - Kamala Harris

Kamala HarrisAs former Attorney General of California, Kamala Harris, 55, was a US Senator from CA before getting the VP nod on the Biden ticket. While Harris was an early Presidential candidate, her campaign fell apart after the second Democratic debate when Tulsi Gabbard shined a light on Harris’ hypocrisy about smoking marijuana while jailing her fellow citizens for doing the same thing – and then laughing about it.

On August 12, 2020, Joe Biden selected Senator Harris as his running mate, and the Biden Harris 2020 ticket was born. As a "woman of color" (black when convenient and Asian when convenient) and a member of the Democratic establishment, she was an attractive running mate for Biden and had been the favorite to be selected for many weeks.

Election Recap: Former 2020 Democratic Vice Presidential Candidates

Keisha Lance Bottoms

Keisha-BottomsKeisha Lance Bottoms is the current Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia, and had emerged as a top Vice-Presidential candidate for Joe Biden following the shooting of an black male by the Atlanta Police Department amid law enforcement brutality protests. Bottoms first made headlines in 2017, the same year she was elected Mayor, by defying President Trump’s opposition to hosting refugees, announcing Atlanta as a “welcoming city.”

Before picking Harris in late 2020, Biden declared that he was vetting four potential VP nominees, and Mayor Bottoms was included in that short list. The DNC had not carried GA in a Presidential election since Bill Clinton in 1992, making Bottoms an intriguing possible choice.

Amy Klobuchar

Amy KlobucharAmy Klobuchar, US Senator from Minnesota, ran for President in 2020 but dropped out after Super Tuesday. However, as she is an establishment Democrat and was popular in the Rust Belt, Joe Biden could have selected her as his running mate in an effort to galvanize both female voters and flip a few important states that Trump won in 2016.

Klobuchar was relatively scandal free, and it seemed that the only reason she wasn't the favorite to be Biden’s pick was that she is not a minority.

Gretchen Whitmer

Gretchen WhitmierGretchen Whitmer is the current governor of Michigan. She never announced her interest in a VP role on the Biden ticket, but at a relatively young age and with no real sandals to her name (which is no longer the case), she might've been a good choice for Uncle Joe.

Ultimately, however, Whitmer overplayed her hand during the 2020 coronavirus lockdowns and banned a popular and effective drug for COVID treatment. She has since been the subject of many state recall campaigns and lawsuits.

Catherine Cortez Masto

Cathrine Cortez MatestoCatherine Cortez is a US Senator from Nevada and is the Chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. As a person of Hispanic heritage, she ticked all the right boxes for a potential Joe Biden pairing, though Biden ultimately chose Harris instead.

Masto to this day seems relatively scandal-free, though her VP odds in 2020 were closer than they probably should've been.

Stacey Abrams

Stacy AbramsStacey Abrams, who famously lost the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election and refused to concede on various grounds of racism, sexism, and voter suppression, was the highest-profile potential candidate for VP in 2020.

Abrams’ biggest strength is her radical leftist politics that align her with Bernie Sanders. As a potentially gay minority with progressive ideologies, Abrams would have been the heavy favorite if Sanders – not Biden – had taken the Democratic nomination.

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth WarrenElizabeth Warren, US Senator from Massachusetts, was the early favorite to win the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination. But after slipping in the odds and resorting to trashing Bernie Sanders as a sexist, voters fled en masse, and she ended her campaign.

It is unclear why she was even on the 2020 VP odds boards, as her history of fabricating Native American heritage would have been devastating on the debate stage.

Val Demings

Val DemmingsA member of the US House of Representatives from FL, Val Demings was relatively unknown until her name started popping up on the odds boards for VP in 2020. She was selected by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to be an impeachment manager during President Trump's first Senate trial.

Demings, as a black woman, would've arguably helped galvanize some voters, but she was always a heavy underdog because little else was known about her on the national stage.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary ClintonEveryone knows everything there is to know about Hillary Clinton, so there’s nothing left to say about her background at this point. Notably, while being a prominent candidate on the 2020 VP election odds boards, Clinton was also featured on the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate boards.

It was never clear whether she would have accepted a VP nomination, and while she's on the betting boards as a Democratic Presidential candidate for 2024, she is likely out of national politics after the utter humiliation of 2016.

Michelle Obama

Michelle ObamaThe former First Lady, Michelle Obama has long been a popular potential Presidential and Vice Presidential candidate. However, she has made no indication of a willingness to run for either post, as she already spent eight years in the White House and may prefer a comfortable life of riches and fame outside the daily press briefings and other rigors of public duty.

However, Obama was the most powerful and influential person on the list for 2020 (sorry, Hillary!), and one phone call is all it would've taken to earn her the Presidential nomination or a VP position. If you think she’ll make that call in 2024, you should definitely call your bookie.

Tammy Duckworth

Tammy DuckworthAs the first Thai-American woman elected to the US Senate (Illinois, 2016), Duckworth isn’t your traditional minority. That might have worked against her in 2020, and it’s one reason she was always near the bottom of the odds boards.

However, Duckworth is a decorated combat veteran, losing both of her legs in service to the country before starting her political career. That might go a long way with centrist voters in 2024 and beyond, and it would make her a decent choice for the establishment as VP in the future.

Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi GabbardTulsi Gabbard, a member of the US House of Representatives from Hawaii, is Democrat kryptonite. As a 2020 Presidential candidate and the last to drop out, she destroyed Kamala Harris’ Presidential campaign, embarrassed Pete Buttigieg on national television, and was summarily “disinvited” to all future debates on the grounds that she’d leave no man – or woman – standing by the end.

The DNC despises Gabbard despite her veteran status and the fact that she’s a woman of color, and that doesn’t bode well for a VP pick in 2024 and beyond. She had among the longest odds of any potential candidate for that reason.

Michelle Lujan Grisham

Michelle Lujan GrishamMichelle Grisham is the current governor of New Mexico and is of Hispanic descent, with several family members who were or are in national politics. She indicated no desire to run as the VP candidate in 2020, but she would have made a solid choice for Joe Biden thanks to her big-business establishment bona fides.

With few skeletons in her closet, Grisham seems one of the safest possible choices for Democrats in the future, with the only question being her national prominence.

Tammy Baldwin

Tammy BaldwinTammy Baldwin was the less popular Tammy on the VP odds boards in 2020, but the US Senator from Wisconsin is openly gay, giving her the opportunity to target the LGBTQ demographic of voters. Of course, the Democrat Party already does that, and Baldwin seemed less popular in the Rust Belt states than Klobuchar.

With long odds as a result, your money was better spent elsewhere, which was obvious to most bettors from the outset.

Susan Rice

Susan RiceSusan Rice served in the Obama administration as the US National Security Advisor, and she seems to have many years of politics left under her belt. However, the Benghazi scandal in 2012 has tainted her prospects on the national stage, and it was unclear if her status as an accomplished black woman would be enough to win voters over in the face of that baggage.

It seems that Biden agreed, opting in the end to go with Kamala Harris as his VP running mate for 2020.


Why Were There Only Female Vice President Candidates Listed In 2020?

In the early stages of his 2020 Presidential campaign, before it became clear that he would win the nomination, Joe Biden asserted that he would pick a woman Vice President candidate to be his running mate. Biden's assertion became a reality on August 12, 2020, when he chose US Senator Kamala Harris to be his VP running mate.

Harris was not be the first woman to run for VP, as that's happened twice in the past (1984, 2008). Kamala Harris is an establishment Democrat and a woman of color, which is demographically valuable. When Harris was still a 2020 Presidential candidate, she butted heads with Biden, but they buried the hatchet and made a "historic" run for the White House without even campaigning much in the runup to the general election.

Current Vegas Election Odds For 2024 Democratic Vice President Candidates

The odds for VP candidates on the Democratic ticket have not yet been posted, as the 2024 election is still so far in the future that sportsbooks are only offering Presidential futures. Vice Presidential odds are not likely to appear again until the 2024 Presidential campaigns begin.

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Can A Former US President Become A Vice President?

Yes, if they've only served a single term as POTUS. Vice Presidential candidates must be eligible to be President, as they are the first in line of Presidential succession (which is something that we may see play out during the Biden term). Because a politician who has served two terms as President cannot serve again, they are not eligible to be VP candidates.

That said, there is some constitutional debate on this, and it's never been tested. If someone like Barack Obama is ever selected as a VP on a Presidential ticket in the future, that choice would be challenged in court and would likely lead to a Supreme Court ruling on the matter.

Vice President Election Betting FAQs