Presidential Resignation Odds For 2024

In the political betting market, there are several interesting things to wager on year-round, whether it’s election season or not. One of those things – at least with a POTUS in office as controversial as Donald Trump or Joe Biden – is Presidential resignation. Throughout Trump's term, you could wager on Trump resignation at several of the top sports betting sites, and now you can bet on the same for Creepy Basement Dementia Joe. These sites also let you wager on things like impeachment odds, debate lines, and election results.

Going forward, with politics being more divisive than ever, it seems likely that anyone elected to the Presidency will have perennial odds on ouster from office. But that contentiousness is a positive boon for bettors, giving them a host of fun wagering options on an industry that is all too often no fun at all. To learn how to bet on Presidential resignation, our brief guide is unimpeachable!

Best USA Sportsbooks For Betting On President Resignation Odds In 2024

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Is It Legal To Bet On A President's Resignation?

Yes! It is legal to bet on Presidential resignation odds, but you can only do so via online sportsbooks that serve the US market from outside America's borders. Domestic sportsbooks have to follow state laws and brand policies that disallow betting on elections and other political events, but offshore operators are fair game – even though politics isn't.

As such, while you might see Vegas election odds advertised, these are always hypothetical in nature. To get real lines on elections and other political betting markets, offshore sportsbooks are the only game in town.

Every site listed below is a solid choice, offering a dozen or so political lines at any given time. Of course, if you want the best odds on any individual wager, you’ll need to shop lines between sportsbooks to maximize your bankroll. Political betting – like politics itself – is all about the Benjamins, baby (even though Franklin was never President)!

2022 Afghanistan News

Whether you called it the Afghanistan war or the Afghanistan police action, the biggest unforced error for the Biden administration – after so meticulously planning the 2020 election and navigating the unprecedented skepticism of the American public in its wake – has been the haphazard withdrawal of US troops from the region. Just weeks ago, Biden claimed that the Taliban retaking the country was far from a foregone conclusion.

In just a few days' time, of course, the Taliban have established a new government in Afghanistan, and even the mainstream media is all over Vacation Joe with criticisms that he wet the bed. Now, that reality is being reflected in Biden's tanking approval ratings and the narrowing of His Fraudulency's resignation odds (as well as his odds for winning reelection in 2024 and the Democrat Party's House of Representatives odds and US Senate odds for 2022).

2024 Biden Resignation Odds

There are currently no odds on Biden resignation (these are likely being drafted now), but several online election betting sites do have lines on whether or not the infirm statesman will make it through his first term, what year he'll punch out, and similar fare.

Such wagers account for all outcomes that could possibly cut Biden's first term short, including resignation, incapacitation, impeachment, and so on. (If you've been following our political news posts, we round this stuff up in an ongoing manner via our Joe Biden Presidential Mental Fitness Test™ tracker.)

How Many Presidents Have Resigned?

With all the talk around Donald Trump’s impeachments in 2020, many curious folks were asking if there’s a precedent for a Commander in Chief to throw in the towel, and if so, which Presidents resigned in the past.

Well, the first President to resign – and the only President to resign – was Richard M. Nixon on September 8, 1974. Nixon was facing impeachment over the Watergate scandal, and his goose was cooked, so he stepped down. Nixon is the only President to date that has ever actually quit on the job.

However, despite every Presidential administration being full of intrigue and accusations of impropriety, resignation remains uncommonly rare. Only actual removal from office is rarer, as that’s never happened even once in US history.

So, when bettors and onlookers wonder if a Presidential resignation is imminent, the answer – historically – must be an obvious “no.” That said, depending on various unique circumstances, resignation could be just as obvious a "yes."

For example, in a crazy alternate universe where an aged Presidential candidate with obvious advanced dementia were to somehow be installed into the White House, there's a good chance he'd be forced to step down for health reasons before his four-year term was up.

Presidential Resignation FAQs