Vegas Election Odds For Senator Tim Scott

Tim ScottSenator Tim Scott is the highest-profile black Republican in the US Senate, winning his seat in the 2014 special election to replace retiring Senator Jim DeMint. He won again in 2016 to secure his first full term in the upper chamber, and all the best sites with Vegas election odds for Senator Tim Scott correctly projected he’d win in 2022.

Though Scott has now formally a 2024 Presidential candidate, online election betting sites aren't giving him much of a chance with Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis also in the field. The top sportsbooks have betting action available on all Senate elections, House elections, Gubernatorial elections, and more!

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Senator Tim Scott Election Odds 2024

Sen. Tim Scott declared his intention to run for President in 2024 and has already begun his campaign. Now, he’s all-in but trails Trump and DeSantis by a large margin.

Scott is extremely popular in the Republican Party, is a reliable ally of Donald Trump and the MAGA movement, and his Presidential bid could actually be the result of Vice Presidential aspirations. And, naturally, you can bet on all these outcomes at the best Vegas sportsbooks online.

2022 US Senate Election Odds For Tim Scott

Scott won the 2022 South Carolina Senate election, easily defeating GOP challenger Timothy Swain. Swain brands himself as a much more committed Trumpist, but Scott had more than enough clout to defeat him. GOP betting lines for the SC Senate race favored Scott heavily leading into election day.

On the Democratic odds boards for the 2022 SC election, Angela Geter and Krystle Matthews weren't given much of a chance against Senator Scott and the odds proved correct.

2024 Presidential Election Odds

Ever since the “conclusion” of the 2020 general election, Scott has been floated as a potential candidate for POTUS, and he was chosen by the party to rebut Joe Biden’s first address to Congress, which the latter gave in lieu of a much more grueling State of the Union address.

Scott made waves both during and after his speech, solidifying his place as the most popular black Republican in America. He’s now officially running for office in the land, and it remains to be seen as to whether his long odds prove to be accurate.

Is It Legal To Bet On Tim Scott’s Election Chances?

Yes! In the United States, you can legally wager on US elections at all levels of government (as well as other related categories, like election props, resignation odds, current events lines, impeachment bets, press conference lines, and so on). However, despite the fact that Las Vegas sportsbooks advertise such fare, domestic US betting venues cannot accept election/political wagers.

Fortunately, since there are no federal laws barring the pastime with non-domestic operators, you are free to place real-money bets on politics at any site featured here, as they each operate overseas and outside of US jurisdiction.

Note: Washington state has specific laws against all online gambling, but these are evidently not enforced, and all the best online sportsbooks take members from WA. Nevertheless, you are advised to follow all local mandates and bet online only at your own risk.

How To Bet On Tim Scott 2024 And 2024 Election Odds

At the legal online sportsbooks we recommend, betting on elections is simple. All you have to do is spend a few minutes signing up, making a deposit, and browsing the boards.

Many of these sites also have the added advantage of allowing account holders to wager on US and international sports, play real-money online casino games, enter major poker tournaments, and bet the ponies. But as with all betting markets, it’s important that you back the right horse when choosing your site of choice.

To that end, all the operators listed here are legitimate, hold all the necessary credentials to accept wagers from US residents (18+), and have reputations for timely, guaranteed payouts. Here’s how to get started betting politics online:

  1. Follow any link on this page to a trusted online sportsbook and click/tap the “Sign Up” or “Join” button.
  2. Enter in all required personal information, making sure to use your real, verifiable credentials. Sportsbooks aren’t ballots, remember – These operators actually make sure you are who you say you are.
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  5. Browse the boards, make your picks, and wait for the results to come in!

US Senator Tim Scott Political Career

US Senate official sealScott famously entered the political realm as an outspoken virgin, in line with his religious beliefs. But like all politicians, he started screwing people shortly thereafter (depending on which side you ask).

All kidding aside, Scott’s first foray into politics came when he won election to the Charleston City Council in 1995. In total, he’s held the following posts in the state:

  • Charleston City Council, Third District: 1995-2009
  • South Carolina House of Representatives, 117th District: 2009-2011
  • US House of Representatives, South Carolina 1st District: 2011-2013
  • US Senate, South Carolina: 2013-present

In the Senate, Scott became a ranking member of the Senate Aging Committee in 2021, and it’s unclear how high his aspirations go. Lately, Scott has earned the hypocritically “racist” moniker of “Uncle Tim,” largely due to being the GOP speaker selected to rebut Joe Biden’s first address to Congress.

Tim Scott Bio

Timothy Eugene Scott was born on September 19, 1965, in North Charleston, South Carolina. Coming from the working class and raised by a single mother, Scott attended RB Stall High School before going to Presbyterian College (1983-1984).

At Presbyterian, he received a partial football scholarship, but Scott’s true field of interest – political science – was where he turned most of his focus. Scott graduated from Charleston Southern University in 1988 with a BS in PoliSci.

Privately, Scott is a successful insurance agent (Tim Scott Allstate), and he continues to have a presence in the insurance industry and the real estate market.

He balanced his time between these markets and politics, getting started in the latter by winning a seat on the Charleston County Council. Scott was the first black Republican elected in SC since the late 1800s.

Scott is currently unmarried and is dedicated to Seacoast Church, an evangelical Protestant institution in Charleston.

  • Business Holdings: Tim Scott Allstate, Pathway Real Estate Group (partner)
  • Net Worth: $1-3 million
  • Age: 55
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None
  • Religion: Protestant
  • Campaign Website
  • Twitter: @SenatorTimScott

Tim Scott Policies

  • Pro-Trump
  • Pro-MAGA
  • Supports Border Wall
  • Supports Immigration Restrictions
  • Supports Oil Industry
  • Supports American Energy Independence
  • Supports Law Enforcement
  • Supports International Free-Trade Agreements
  • Supports US Infrastructure Development
  • Anti-“Racism”
  • Anti-Foreign Arms Sales

Tim Scott FAQs