Mark Cuban Vegas Odds for 2020 Presidential Election

Dallas Mavericks owner, businessman, entrepreneur, TV personality

Mark CubanMark Cuban is a well-known American businessman, entrepreneur, TV personality, and owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks franchise. With a background in private enterprise and no political experience, Cuban would not have been a very credible candidate on any Vegas politics betting board in the past.

However, after Donald Trump came from a non-political background to upset Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, Cuban’s “type” might be taken more seriously now than ever before. The rules, after all, have changed.

Of course, Mark Cuban is in an interesting spot for the 2020 election, as you won’t find him among the Vegas Democratic Candidate odds, nor will you find him when look at GOP Vegas odds. However, he’s on the main board at several online betting sites, with longshot odds to win the 2020 Presidential election.

This is largely because, even if he runs – and he indicated that he may do just that – nobody really knows which party he’d join. Still, if you think he could jump in and grab either main party nom – or mount the world’s first successful third-party or Independent Presidential bid – you can make a lot of money investing in Mark Cuban right now at any reputable offshore sportsbook offering Vegas election betting options.

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Mark Cuban Vegas Election Odds

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Is It Legal To Bet On Mark Cuban For President In Vegas?

It is legal to wager on Mark Cuban for POTUS, but only if you use an offshore betting site. While you will see Vegas election odds advertised frequently in the mainstream media, Nevada doesn’t actually allow political or entertainment betting, and sportsbooks there simply release these odds as advertising gimmicks to attract traditional sports bettors.

Offshore books, however, offer political odds year-round, and you can win real money betting on all the politicians who are out to take yours!

The federal government has no laws barring online betting on politics, and the only states that say anything at all about online gambling in general are WA and CT (which don’t even bother to enforce their bans). If you live anywhere else in the US, it is safe and legal to wager on elections and Vegas political props online.

How To Bet On Mark Cuban To Win The 2020 Election

If you are going to bet on Mark Cuban's Vegas Presidential election odds, the first thing you’ll need to do is find a sportsbook offering action on the celebrity billionaire. But remember, you won't find any with Las Vegas bookies. Right now, only a few overseas books have lines posted, but more are sure to offer Cuban odds in the near future.

To place a real-money wager on Cuban for POTUS – or anything else in politics – you just need to sign up at a site listed here by following these steps:

  • Using a computer, tablet, or smartphone, click or tap one of the links to the sites listed above.
  • Once there, find the “Join” button, usually in the top right of your screen.
  • At the New Member screen, you’ll put in your real name, email address, phone number, and you’ll create a username and password.
  • The next screen will allow you to deposit funds into your account. In order to wager, you must deposit first. A number of methods are available, but we prefer Bitcoin, as it has no additional fees and is the only way you can get same-day payouts when you win.
  • You can accept a bonus offer when making your first deposit, but there are terms and conditions to consider. As a rule, if you bet infrequently, skip the bonus, and if you wager regularly, accept it. All our recommended books offer low bonus rollover requirements.
  • Find the “Politics” tab at your chosen site’s sportsbook.
  • Find a line you like, input a wager amount, and add it to your ticket. There are never any hanging chads when betting on politics online!

Mark Cuban Bio

Mark Cuban was born in Pittsburgh, PA, on June 31, 1958, to a Jewish family. In fact, Cuban’s grandfather changed the family name to Cuban from Chabenisky after emigrating to the US from Russia, and Cuban is ethnically Jewish on both sides of his family.

With an early interest in business, Cuban opted to forego his final year of high school to enroll in the University of Pittsburgh, where he joined the Phi Lambda Phi fraternity. After a year, Cuban transferred to Indiana University, where he earned a BS in Management from the Kelley School of Business in 1981.

Out of college, Cuban moved to Dallas, TX, in 1982, working as a bartender and then a software salesman. Cuban started MicroSolutions, a software reseller, during this time, eventually selling it to CompuServ for $6 million.

After that, in 1995, Cuban and a pair of partners started a company called Audionet, which focused on webcasting. This morphed into in 1998, and in 1999 – during the “dot com boom,” Yahoo bought the brand for $5.7 billion.

Cuban took that money and immediately purchased the Dallas Mavericks, as owning an NBA team was a lifelong dream. Since then, Cuban has been involved not just in the NBA, but in a number of production ventures, the most famous of which being “Shark Tank,” the long-running reality TV series on ABC.

Mark Cuban’s Political Experience

Mark Cuban has no political experience at the governmental level, but it is undeniable that he is an expert politician in the private sector. Much like Donald Trump, this could be a positive boon in the otherwise nakedly duplicitous world of governance, and it may attract many voters to Cuban should he actually run for office.

Trump proved that traditional political experience didn’t matter for a successful Presidential campaign, and Cuban could use that model himself. And even though Trump Vegas odds back then showed that he was a big underdog against Hillary in 2016, the books and bettors have definitely learned their lessons.

Mark Cuban’s Political Positions

Cuban’s political positions seemingly run the gamut. He models himself as an Ayn Rand-esque libertarian, but he also believes in raising taxes and revising the Second Amendment to allow states to ban or approve the ownership and use of firearms.

In 2017, Cuban stated that if ever ran for President, it would be as a Republican, but his ideas seem quite in line with modern Democrat platforms, as well. More than anything, Cuban seems to be a centrist that could take on the mantle of either party.

For 2020, this puts Cuban in a curious position should he decide to run. On an April 12 “Fox News Sunday” appearance, Cuban said that he was “keeping the door open” on throwing his hat into the ring, stating that "I never would have considered it prior to a month ago, but now things are changing rapidly and dramatically. ... I'm not saying no, but it's not something I'm actively pursuing. I'm just not going to say no. You don't know what can happen between now and November."

Clearly, Cuban is pondering one of two events here:

Either he believes that the coronavirus outbreak will harm Donald Trump’s election odds to the point that he will drop out of the race (another Trump impeachment has also been suggested by the Democratic-led US House due to his alleged “mishandling” of the COVID-19 pandemic), or he will run as a third-party candidate at the behest of the DNC. In the latter case, this would clearly be an attempt to leech off enough GOP votes to flip a few key states and win the election for the left (and presumptive nominee Joe Biden).

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