State Electoral College Votes And Betting Odds For 2020

Multiple online sportsbooks offer various odds related to electoral votes by state. In the United States, the outcome of the Presidential Election is determined by which candidate meets the minimum threshold of 270 electoral votes and then wins the majority of these votes. It is possible for a presidential candidate to win the popular vote, but loose the presidency due to the electoral vote distribution. Each state is worth a specified number of votes in the Electoral College. Naturally the states with the larger number of electoral votes are the prized destinations that each candidate attempts to win over. We see this concept affecting the 2016 presidential election as Clinton currently has fewer states voting for her than Trump does, but they are more meaningful states in terms of the number of electoral votes they are worth. The result is that she is predicted to carry more electoral state votes than Trump, which would result in Clinton winning the presidency.

This page of our guide takes a look at each state and which candidate they are currently leaning towards. We discuss the key swing states in the 2020 presidential election, also known as battleground states, and provide some links to monitoring these states as the election progresses. We also include information on current state related odds and betting lines that are available, also where you can legally place bets on the current electoral college odds. This information will be helpful to you should you decide to participate in the various state related betting lines available at one of the legal online sportsbooks offering political wagering.

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Electoral College Predictions For 2020 Presidential Election

The leanings of each individual state can fluctuate right up through Election Day, however there are some instances where a candidate has established a safe state for their party by obtaining a majority of the support from that region. Below is a listing of those states that are considered ‘safe’ for each candidate and can be reasonably predicted to vote in a specific direction. We have also listed the toss up states that could go either direction. There are a few states, such as Nebraska and Maine that fall into multiple categories based on the regional electoral votes and are hence listed in all categories. Please keep in mind that these are the figures as of this writing, updated as recently as one day before the election. The odds on the betting lines on this page are all current in real time. As of November 7, 2016, electoral college predicts place Clinton/Kaine at 203, Trump/Pence at 164 votes, and 171 votes categorized as toss ups.

States That Voted For Trump In 2016

Trump secured support in the following states. We’ve broken the list into those states that are overwhelmingly and were likely to vote Republican, and those states that were leaning towards a Trump vote. As predictions stood at the time, Trump would not have not secured enough electoral college votes to beat Clinton, though this can change in the blink of an eye, and it did.

Solid Trump States – Solid Republican States

Alabama with 9 electoral votes -  Odds: Trump -10000 Clinton +1600
Arkansas with 6 electoral votes -  Odds: Trump -5000 Clinton +1200
Idaho with 4 electoral votes -  Odds: Trump -10000 Clinton +1600
Louisiana with 8 electoral votes -  Odds: Trump -10000 Clinton +1600
Kentucky with 8 electoral votes -  Odds: Trump -10000 Clinton +1600
Mississippi with 6 electoral votes -  Odds: Trump -5000 Clinton +1200
Nebraska with 4 electoral votes -  Odds: Trump -5000 Clinton +1200
North Dakota with 3 electoral votes -  Odds: Trump -2500 Clinton +1000
Oklahoma with 7 electoral votes -  Odds: Trump -10000 Clinton +1600
West Virginia with 5 electoral votes -  Odds: Trump -20000 Clinton +2000
Wyoming with 3 electoral votes -  Odds: Trump -10000 Clinton +1600

States Likely To Vote Trump – States Likely To Vote Republican

Alaska with 3 electoral votes -  Odds: Trump -450 Clinton +325
Indiana with 11 electoral votes -  Odds: Trump -5000 Clinton +1200
Kansas with 6 electoral votes -  Odds: Trump -10000 Clinton +1600
Missouri with 10 electoral votes -  Odds: Trump -2500 Clinton +1000
Montana with 3 electoral votes -  Odds: Trump -2500 Clinton +1000
Nebraska with 1 electoral vote -  Odds: Trump -5000 Clinton +1200
South Dakota with 3 electoral votes -  Odds: Trump -5000 Clinton +1200
Tennessee with 11 electoral votes -  Odds: Trump -10000 Clinton +1600
Texas with 38 electoral votes -  Odds: Trump -2500 Clinton +1000
Utah with 6 electoral votes -  Odds: Trump -750 Clinton +2000 McMullin +600

States Leaning Trump – States Leaning Republican

South Carolina with 9 electoral votes -  Odds: Trump -1800 Clinton +900

States Voting For Hillary In 2016

The following states were predicted to be in the Clinton camp for the 2016 presidential election. These predominantly democratic states have been categorized by those states that were solid democratic states, those likely to vote for Clinton, and those states that were ‘leaning’ towards voting for Clinton.

Solid Hillary States – Solid Democrat States

California with 55 electoral votes -  Odds: Clinton -10000 Trump +1600
DC with 3 electoral votes -  Odds: Clinton -10000 Trump +1600
Hawaii with 4 electoral votes -  Odds: Clinton -10000 Trump +1600
Massachussetts with 11 electoral votes -  Odds: Clinton -10000 Trump +1600
Maryland with 10 electoral votes -  Odds: Clinton -10000 Trump +1600
New York with 29 electoral votes -  Odds: Clinton -5000 Trump +1200
Vermont with 3 electoral votes -  Odds: Clinton -5000 Trump +1200

States Likely To Vote Hillary – States Likely To Vote Democrat

Delaware with 3 electoral votes -  Odds: Clinton -1800 Trump +900
Illinois with 20 electoral votes -  Odds: Clinton -5000 Trump +1200
New Jersey with 14 electoral votes -  Odds: Clinton -2500 Trump +1000
Rhode Island with 4 electoral votes -  Odds: Clinton -2500 Trump +1000
Washington State with 12 electoral votes -  Odds: Clinton -2500 Trump +1000

States Leaning Towards Voting For Hillary – States Leaning Towards Voting Democrat

Connecticut with 7 electoral votes -  Odds: Clinton -2500 Trump +1000
Maine with 1 electoral vote -  Odds: Clinton -650 Trump +450
Oregon with 7 electoral votes -  Odds: Clinton -2500 Trump +1000
Minnesota with 10 electoral votes -  Odds: Clinton -1200 Trump +650
Wisconsin with 10 electoral votes -  Odds: Clinton -600 Trump +400

Toss Up States For 2016 Presidential Election

These states were undecided before the election, with neither candidate securing the majority of support. Several of these states were considered swing states or battleground states and both candidates campaigned heavily in them in these last days of the election. Below is information specifically discussing the 2016 presidential election swing states.

Arizona with 11 electoral votes -  Odds: Trump -285 Clinton +225
Colorado with 9 electoral votes -  Odds: Clinton-550 Trump +375
Florida with 29 electoral votes -  Odds: Clinton -215 Trump +175
Georgia with 16 electoral votes -  Odds: Trump -400 Clinton +600
Iowa with 6 electoral votes -  Odds: Trump -300 Clinton +240
Maine with 3 electoral votes -  Odds: Clinton-650 Trump +450
Michigan with 16 electoral votes -  Odds: Clinton-450 Trump +325
New Hampshire with 4 electoral votes -  Odds: Clinton-280Trump +220
New Mexico with 5 electoral votes -  Odds: Clinton-1000Trump +600
Nevada with 6 electoral votes -  Odds: Clinton-400 Trump +300
North Carolina with 15 electoral votes -  Odds: Clinton-140 Trump +110
Ohio with 18 electoral votes -  Odds: Trump -160 Clinton +200
Pennsylvania with 20 electoral votes -  Odds: Clinton-450 Trump +325
Virginia with 13 electoral votes -  Odds: Clinton-900 Trump +550

What Are The Swing States For the 2020 Presidential Election?

Swing states, battleground states and toss ups. Regardless of what we call them, they often determine the results of the election. Either candidate can reasonably win these states. No candidate or political party enjoys overwhelming support in these states. These states get a lot of attention in the final days of the election, particularly those with the higher number of electoral votes.

11 regions have been designated as the 2020 swing states in the presidential election, with three of these states considered to be ‘key’ battleground states. Securing support in these states is critical for all presidential candidates. Swing states Florida and Ohio have determined the results of the race in recent election cycles, and are always therefor a crown jewel in the Electoral College process. Following is a list of the designated swing states for 2020, with the three key battleground states listed first. You may notice that all of the swing states are also listed on the list of toss up states with the exception of Wisconsin. Wisconsin has recently been moved to ‘leaning democrat’ status, but the democrat lead in the state is not significant enough to remove the state from still being considered a swing state.

New Hampshire
North Carolina

Vegas Odds On State Electoral Votes

Betting on which direction a state will vote has become a part of the political betting lines available on the 2020 presidential election. Some sportsbooks provide betting lines on every single state, while others may only include toss up or swing states and those states that are only ‘leaning’ in a specific direction. This makes sense as there really isn’t much risk in predicting that a solid red or blue state will vote in a particular direction. Some of the state related wagering options you’ll find at our recommended sportsbooks offering political betting lines are: what percentage of total states will be won by democrats and republicans, which candidate or party will receive the popular vote by state and which candidate or party will receive the electoral vote by state.

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