Democratic Election Betting Odds For 2020 Race

November 4 Update: With most of the vote counted, it looks like Joe Biden will win a closely contested election and flip the White House to the Democratic Party. However, with several states still certifying their ballots and slowly releasing their counts, you can still wager on those state outcomes. This is, in effect, political live betting, and you can participate by signing up now at any election betting site listed here.

In 2016, the Democrats had just as tumultuous a Presidential race as the Republicans did. With scandal and drama surrounding the DNC’s treatment of Bernie Sanders and an FBI investigation into party nominee Hillary Clinton, things were anything but standard in that election. The political whirlwind that ensued did result in a few positive consequences, though, including providing a fertile environment for political betting in 2020.

Among the various political betting lines and odds for the 2020 US presidential election, there are party-related wagering options that include a variety of Democrat betting odds. For those individuals interested in accessing betting action that is party specific in nature, we have created this informational guide. It is designed to serve as a resource for understanding how the political betting industry has integrated lines for legally placing bets specifically for or against the Democratic Party using Vegas election odds models.

🦠 Coronavirus Update: Due to the Coronavirus, Democratic candidates have seen their odds fluctuate over the last weeks. Not only are candidate odds changing with the pandemic, but Vegas election odds have also been affected by the Coronavirus.

Democratic Presidential Candidates for 2020

The field of Democrats running for the 2020 Presidency currently has eight (8) candidates participating. Each candidate has unique running policies and positions they represent. While the field may be packed, there are plenty of odds and betting lines on the Presidential candidates.

Where Can I Legally Place Bets On The Vegas Democrat Odds?

All of the sportsbooks that you see listed in this guide offer US-friendly political betting lines. They have all been vetted by our team of analysts through an intense review process where we have ensured that they are all operating legally within the industry and are safe to use for US bettors.

Each destination either holds their own licensing credentials or are owned and operated by a parent company that possess licensing in multiple jurisdictions. These political sports betting sites that accept USA customers are secure and high-quality destinations that offer a healthy variety of political wagering opportunities.

Most Reputable US Online Sportsbooks To Bet On The 2020 Presidential Election

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2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee – Joe Biden

As of this writing, its far too early to determine the Democratic Presidential Nominee. Right now, the list of Democratic candidates who have entered the race has been narrowed down from nearly 30 to just eight, and another culling is coming soon. All presidential betting odds are currently in the 'futures' section of your sportsbook's betting lines, with some options available in the 'prop bets' section.

While it's way too early to be sure who's getting the DNC nod, some bettors are taking a stab at it anyhow because getting their wagers in ASAP will reap significant payouts should they end up predicting the candidate that wins the 2020 Democratic nomination and Presidential Election.

2020 Democratic Nomination Odds

  • Joe Biden -2500 (Winner)*
  • Andrew Cuomo +2800
  • Hillary Clinton +1600
  • Michelle Obama +2500

* Democratic Nominee for the 2020 Election, Odds No Longer Available.


Will Democrats Take The House in 2022?

The ability and likelihood of Democrats taking over the House of Representatives in the 2022 Midterms (or keeping it, should they maintain their current majority) depends on who is named President in the 2020 Election, the bills and laws introduced before the next Midterms, and so on. At this moment in time, it is far too early in the political cycle to determine whether the Democrats will take over the House in the upcoming Midterm elections.

Will Democrats Take The Senate 2022?

The likelihood of the Dems taking the Senate in 2022 depends on the makeup of the Senate itself before the elections, the number of seats available, who is President at the time, and which laws are being introduced before the Midterms. While it is far too early to assume the outcome, odds for the Senate Races will be posted as we near the next Midterms, which will certainly spark some debate at that time. If the Democrats take the Senate over from Republican control in November 2020, they will have a historically better chance of keeping it then wresting back control, especially since many analysts are projecting the GOP to increase their Senate numbers in 2020.

Other Types of Democrat Odds To Bet On

Quite a few of the political betting odds we see online are party specific in nature. For example, you can vote on which party will win the White House, which party will receive the popular vote, which party will receive the electoral vote majority, Vice President odds, and which party will have the most voter turnout. Each political betting site offers different Vegas election odds and betting lines, so you can compare the lines at our recommended betting sites to determine which destination covers the odds that interest you more.

You can bet on any party on any line. Do not confuse your bets with your vote. You are not obligated to place bets to favor the same candidates you are voting for.

Democratic Congressional Candidates For 2020

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