Democratic Election Betting Odds 2016

The democrats have had just as tumultuous a presidential race as the republicans have. With scandal and drama surrounding the DNC’s treatment of Bernie Sanders and an FBI investigation into the party’s nominee Hillary Clinton, things have been anything but standard this election. The political whirlwind that has ensued has had a few positive consequences, including providing a fertile environment for political betting. Among the various political betting lines and odds covering the 2016 US presidential election, there are party related wagering options that include a variety of democrat betting odds. For those individuals interested in accessing betting action that is party specific in nature, we have created this informational guide. It is designed to serve as resource for understanding how the political betting industry has integrated lines for legally placing bets specifically for or against the Democratic Party using Vegas election odds.

2016 Democratic Presidential Nominee – Hillary Clinton

Representing the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton was elected as the party’s presidential nominee for 2016. In what she expected to be an uneventful race against opponent Bernie Sanders, Clinton actually had to acknowledge and take seriously at times Sanders’ presence in the race. Despite some shady business revealed by leaked DNC emails concerning specific treatment of Bernie Sanders, he graciously endorsed Clinton when the time came. Clinton has at times held a double digit lead over Trump, however with remarkable resilience he has recovered in the polls and is giving Clinton a run for her money in the presidential race. The Vegas election odds still have Clinton as the frontrunner, but her lead over time has diminished significantly. Polls have the two candidates neck and neck, though predictions have Clinton securing the 270 electoral votes much more easily than Trump.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Betting Odds
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Where Can I Legally Place Bets On The Vegas Democrat Odds?

All of the sporstsbooks that you see listed in this guide offer US friendly political betting lines. They have all been vetted by our team of analysts through an intense review process. We have ensured that they are all legally licensed and regulated, and operating legitimately within the industry. They are all secure and high quality destinations that offer a healthy variety of political wagering opportunities. They are all safe and reliable political sports betting sites that accept USA customers.

Most Reputable US Online Sportsbooks To Bet On The 2016 Presidential Election

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Will Democrats Take The House in 2016?

The democrats reclaiming the house is a long shot at best. The fact that Trump has recovered in the polls and that most republican congressional candidates are running successful campaigns independent of the national campaign has only strengthened their hold on Congress. The democrats would need to achieve a gain of 30 seats to pull it off, and that isn’t likely. Republicans are enjoying a stronghold of safe seats, which forces house democrats to outperform republican candidates nationally. There was a brief window when Trump was down by double digits and it looked like a house flip was at least a possibility. This was a short lived window that according to most political analysts, has slammed shut.

The odds are against the dems for winning a house majority in 2016, strongly favoring the GOP at this point. Lack of competitiveness reduces the risk involved, thereby reducing the value of this race to the oddsmakers and anyone interested in making money from Vegas election odds. Because of that, you won’t find too many lines covering the chances of the democrats taking the house, unless something drastic happens between now and voting day.

Will Democrats Take The Senate 2016?

The odds for democrats to take the senate are much more favorable than for taking congress. With the majority of seats being contested belonging to republicans, the GOP is more vulnerable. Of the 10 seats up for re-election for the democrats, only one of them is not already sewn up. If the democrats win the White House, then they only need to gain 4 new senate seats in addition to the 10 that are on the ballot. Political analysts place the democrats’ chances at taking over the senate at 35%, while the GOP only has a 30% chance of keeping it. The race will be close indeed. Expect to see some lines emerge that allow you to place bets on the odds that the democrats will take control of the senate in 2016.

The big issue that has everyone concerned and focused on the senate races is the vacant Supreme Court Justice seat that must be filled by the new President of the United States. The Supreme Court is where policies that affect the entire nation are legitimized, and republicans fear a liberal majority on the court could make changes impossible to recover from. This has driven many people within the GOP to support Trump despite their disdain for other positions he holds. This race is close and monumental in terms of lasting political influence for the nation. Because of this, we are seeing Vegas election odds on who will win the senate 2016 emerging.

Other Types of Democrat Odds To Bet On

Quite a few of the political betting odds we see online are party specific in nature. For example, you can vote on which party will win the White House, which party will receive the popular vote, which party will receive the electoral vote majority, and which party will have the most voter turnout. Each political betting site offers different Vegas election odds and betting lines, so you can compare the lines at our recommended betting sites to determine which destination covers the lines that interest you more. You can bet on any party on any line. Do not confuse your bets with your vote. You are not obligated to place bets to favor the same candidates you are voting for.

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