Political Prop Bets – What Are They & How Do They Work?

Political prop bets have certainly gained a lot of momentum following the 2016 Presidential election which had an unprecedented number of bettors engaged. Prop bets emerge for not only the elections, but also for political events that take place during the campaign season, including debates, town halls, current events, and scandals.

The Vegas oddsmakers follow the political seasons closely and start formulating odds and predictions before campaigns and official events even kick-off, refining their calculations throughout the season and into the elections themselves. Political enthusiasts are able to place bets on these lines at reputable sportsbooks offering propositional betting action for politics.

Where To Find Political Prop Bets

Legitimate offshore sportsbooks, such as the ones listed on this page, almost always offer political prop bets for US politics as well as International elections and events. The odds and lines found at these sites are comparable with what is put out by the Vegas oddsmakers. With the popularity of betting on politics growing, Vegas odds and betting lines are becoming more and more popular and easier to find at domestic brick and mortar sportsbooks as well.

Best Online Sportsbooks Offering Political Prop Bets and Betting Lines

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What Are Political Prop Bets

Political prop bets are lines offered on very specific actions our outcomes during the political season. These lines will vary quite a bit, will come and go based on what is happening during the election cycle, are only valid up to and during the associated event, and can relate to various components of the political landscape, including:

  • Specific phrases or behaviors of the current President, members of congress or anyone influential in the political scene
  • Debates - predictions about what individuals will wear, say, etc.
  • Debates - who will speak the most, the least, not at all
  • Primaries - who will win primary elections
  • Elections - which party will win, the gender of the winner, age of the winner, etc.
  • Scandals / Rumors - what the outcome will be or how the outcome will come to pass

Shop Around for Prop Bet Odds

Keep in mind that not every sportsbook with Vegas election odds will always offer political prop betting options. The lines that are offered do change often depending on what is going at any given time during the election cycle and political season.

The online sportsbooks featured on this page typically offer the most extensive selection of prop bets for politics - but the odds will vary from site to site. We recommend checking out each of the sports betting sites listed on this page to compare the odds and pay lines and find the political betting lines with the best value.  All of their

Current Political Prop Bets


  • Party to Win the 2020 Presidential Election
    Republican Party -115
    Democratic Party -115
  • Will Sarah Huckabee Sanders Run for Governor of Arkansas?
    Yes -215
    No +160


  • Party to Win the 2020 Presidential Election
    Republican Party -120
    Democratic Party +110

Republican Prop Bets

At this time, political prop bets are restricted to President Trump's responses and actions to various situations. For example, there are often predictions about how many times Trump will tweet about certain topics.  Since the incumbent is Republican and the GOP is not yet having debates or much activity, most of the action right now centers around the Democrats. Current republican betting lines are limited to potential candidates who have Republican odds for 2020 and don't include much in the way of props.