2024 Political Prop Bets – What Are Props & How Do They Work?

Political prop bets have gained a lot of momentum following the 2020 Presidential election, which say an unprecedent betting handle was turned. Indeed, the 2020 general election was the single most bet-on event in world history! Of course, the best Vegas political betting sites offer props not only for election outcomes, but also for things that take place during campaign season, including debates, town halls, political current events, and scandals.

Even though they can't directly offer action on these events, Vegas oddsmakers follow the political seasons closely and formulate odds and predictions as they would for any sporting contest. In Nevada (and the rest of the US), such lines are used exclusively for marketing purposes, as only offshore betting sites legally allow gamblers to bet real money on elections, politics, and other entertainment betting markets.

Best Online Sportsbooks For 2024 Offering Political Prop Betting

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Where To Find Political Prop Bets

Legitimate offshore sportsbooks like those listed on this page almost always offer political prop bets for US politics as well as international elections and events. With the popularity of betting on politics growing, more people than ever are looking for Vegas odds and betting lines on elections and related events, but state-based books cannot offer them.

For now, reputable overseas sports betting sites like those listed here are your only option for gambling on politics – outside of the voting booth, that is!

What Are Political Prop Bets

Political props are betting lines offered on very specific events or outcomes during the political season. These lines always vary quite a bit, come and go based on what's happening during the election cycle, are only valid up to and during the associated event(s), and can relate to various components of the political landscape, including:

  • Debates - Predictions about what individuals will wear, say, etc.
  • Primaries - Odds on who will win primary elections and caucuses, both overall and by state
  • Elections - Odds on which party will win, the gender of the winner, the age of the winner, etc.
  • Scandals/Rumors - Predictions about what the outcomes will be, what the legal consequences are, etc.
  • Impeachment/Removal - Odds on whether a POTUS or other member of government will be impeached, acquitted, removed from office, etc.
  • Miscellaneous - Wagers on specific phrases spoken or behaviors demonstrated by the current President, Presidential candidates, members of Congress, or anyone influential in the political scene

Shop Lines for The Best Political Prop Bet Payouts

Keep in mind that not every sportsbook with Vegas election odds will always offer political prop betting or mobile betting options. The lines that are offered change regularly depending on what's going on at any given time during a given election cycle and political season.

The online sportsbooks featured on this page offer the most extensive selection of prop bets for politics, but the odds will vary from site to site. We recommend checking out each of the legal betting sites listed on this page to compare the odds and payouts so you can find the political betting lines with the best values. Signing up is free, and you can join as many services as you wish.

Current 2024 Political Prop Bets & Political Odds

Political prop bets can include a variety of different categories, including Vice President odds, Presidential resignation odds, Presidential impeachment odds, debate props, and more. Below, you'll find various election prop bet types and the sportsbooks carrying them, including odds in the following categories:

  • 2024 Presidential election odds
  • 2024 Presidential primary odds
  • 2022 Midterm odds
  • Senate electoral college props
  • House electoral college props
  • Joe Biden props
  • Donald Trump props
  • Kamala Harris odds
  • Mayor of NYC odds
  • +More!

You can even find props on Donald Trump's next business ventures or political gambits, whether or not the Trump progeny will pursue politics, various Hunter Biden lines (but not lines of cocaine – those are all gone!), and more. International political events are also often included.

The only thing you can't bet on is whether or not there will actually be a US civil war in the near future, but that too could change from one day to the next. In case of the latter, be extra sure to spend your winnings wisely!

Political Specials

Which Party Will Control The Senate After The 2022 Midterm Election?

  • Republican -360
  • Democratic +250

Which Party Will Win The House In The 2022 Midterm Election?

  • Republican -625
  • Democratic +385

US Presidential Election 2024 - Democratic Candidate

  • Field -275
  • Joe Biden +200

Republican Prop Bets

Most of the time, props are based on events related to single parties, as most of the run-up to any election features events separated by said parties. These include primary props, unique campaign props for each candidate, and more.

Republican betting odds play most prominently during the campaign season, as expected. Of course, when Republicans are in power, there are more props regarding various aspects of their governance, which are usually available year-round.

Between now and 2024, you can expect a huge slate of GOP odds to come and go at the best Vegas election betting sites.

Democratic Prop Bets

As with GOP props, Democrat betting odds (or DNC props) are similarly focused on the party and its players. During the Democratic primaries of the 2020 election season, for example, there were daily odds and lines on every debate, every news headline, polling results, and so on.

Now, with Democrats holding a federal government trifecta, there are sure to be plenty of odds available on where they go from here, including whether or not signature legislation will pass, how long a Biden presidency will last, who the next big stars of the party will be, and so on.