US Online Sportsbooks That Offer Political Betting Odds On The 2020 Presidential Election

Review IconWith the growing momentum of political betting, several of the prominent online sportsbooks have integrated these types of wagers into their betting lines. Political betting spans noteworthy upcoming elections from around the world, including the US presidential election. American gamblers have really embraced the concept of betting on politics and are among the most active participants in this type of gambling entertainment.

Due to limited local US based sportsbook gambling opportunities, licensed and regulated offshore sportsbooks have stepped up to fill the void for those individuals seeking legitimate, USA friendly options for legally placing bets on political events. Vegas election betting odds are becoming a very sought after segment of the US gambling market.

This section of our guide will provide everything you need to make an informed decision regarding your participation in legal online political betting. We will discuss the legalities involved in betting online, how we vet our recommended bookmakers, and what you can expect from your betting experience. We also provide access to informational reviews on the specific sportsbooks that we consider to offer a premium betting experience while legitimately operating within the industry where you can find odds, betting lines, and paylines all associated with politics, including Vegas odds on the US presidential election.

US Friendly Sportsbooks Offering Political Wagering Lines - Reviewing Only The Most Trusted Sites

The following sportsbooks are some of the most trusted sites in the industry that caters to US players by offering political betting lines, prop bets, and futures. We've been in the industry for over a decade and know very well which sites are reputable and which sites are best avoided.  This is the reason we choose to review only a few sites that we know for a fact are very reputable, implement the latest in security protocols and always pay players when they win.  They also offer some very enticing bonuses that new players who have never made a real money deposit can claim.

1Bovada50% Max $250Visit Review
2Betonline50% Max $1,000Visit Review
3Sportsbetting.ag50% Max $1,000Visit Review

Is It Legal To Bet On Politics At Online Sportsbooks?

International gamblers have no problems finding legal sports betting options and in the USA, plenty of state-licensed sportsbooks accept bets on political events. There is also no US federal laws that prohibit players from engaging in online betting at sportsbooks that are legitimately licensed and regulated and that are based outside of USA borders. However, Washington State and Connecticut are the only regions in the US that specifically outlaw all types of online betting via state laws.

There are numerous offshore sportsbooks that are legally licensed to provide betting services to gamblers in the United States. The legality of placing bets on politics all boils down to where you are submitting your wagers. If you participate in betting at online destinations such as the ones recommended in this guide, you can be sure you are engaging in legally sanctioned, secure and reliable betting opportunities.

Do Legal Offshore Sportsbooks Use Vegas Political Betting Odds?

One thing that we require in order to include any sportsbook brand in our guide is that their odds and paylines are comparable with the Vegas bookmakers. Vegas is the gold standard by which the gambling industry operates globally. You will notice that all of the leading sportsbooks around the world do not differ much when it comes to their odds - Political betting odds are no exception. Even if the odds at a sportsbook listed here did not come directly from Vegas oddsmakers, we can assure you they were derived from a collaborative process that included considerate analysis of Vegas political odds.

How Do I Locate Legitimate Online Sportsbooks Offering Political Betting Odds?

We hope this is a question that everyone who is considering wagering on the Presidential election, or any other political event, will ask themselves. Due to savvy and sophisticated web design, its not as easy as you may think to determine the legitimacy and quality of an online sports betting site. Our team of analysts are trained and experienced in the process for exposing low quality, questionable and predatory online gambling sites and revealing the high quality, reputable and trusted destinations that are operating legally within the industry.

We examine the entire operation from top to bottom, and do so from both an industry professional standpoint and a customer standpoint. We remain registered customers at each of the brands recommended in this guide. Here is a small sampling of the operational elements we evaluate for each gambling site:

Legitimacy – We verify that each sportsbook holds legitimate credentials to include legal licensing and compliance certifications. We also verify that the site is subject to strict regulatory oversight from a respected, legitimate governing jurisdiction. We check to make sure each site is in good standing with the regulatory body they are subject to. For inclusion in this guide, we require that each brand voluntarily participates in third party auditing that specifically audits their software solutions and operational performance for fair gaming practices.

Security – We do not consider those sportsbooks that simply meet licensing requirements to be necessarily dedicated to providing adequate security for their customers and their customers’ sensitive data. All brands you see on this page have exceeded minimum licensing requirements and employ an advanced security profile that includes sophisticated SSL and data encryption, anti-virus and firewall protection, fraud detection, and a technical team to monitor these systems. Security is paramount to these sportsbooks, and it shows.

Trust Factor – We investigate the reputation of each sportsbook we recommend. In addition to reaching out to the online betting community for feedback, we test each brand rigorously through opening an account, funding that account, claiming bonuses and promotions, placing bets and making withdrawals. We present complex and challenging situations to their customer support, and make them prove they have our best interests at heart and that they are committed to customer satisfaction.

Performance – We aggressively act as the devil’s advocate and do our best to interrupt the site’s performance as a customer to see just how reliable their software solution, user interface and functionality are. We only include those brands that pass this test with flying colors. A reliable and high quality performance is the backbone to a customer’s betting experience.

Banking – We also aggressively test out the efficiency and responsiveness of the brand’s banking suite. We require a US friendly deposit method menu, fast processing of deposits and withdrawals, and accurate transactions. A sportsbook is only as good as their banking suite. If they can’t take proper care of your money, then they are not worth your business.

Bonus Offers – We carefully review the bonus offers and promotions that are in place at our recommended sportsbooks. We analyze the wagering requirements to ensure they are reasonable, attainable and in line with industry standards. The bonuses offered at these sportsbooks all offer genuine benefits to bettors and can serve to boost your betting power for a larger payout if your candidate wins!

Can I Bet On Politics From My Mobile Device?

Yes, you can absolutely bet on politics from your smartphone or tablet. Each of the sportsbooks recommended on our site also offer a web based mobile application that allows you to monitor the odds and betting lines, place wagers, and manage your account. Responsive technology allows the mobile betting app to render perfectly regardless of which device you are operating. These mobile political betting applications are compatible with the most prominent mobile operating systems, specifically optimized for use by iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices. The web based nature of these mobile sportsbooks allows access by any type of operating system, even if the application is not specifically optimized for it.