Third-Party Presidential Candidates 2020

November 4 Update: While Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen performed poorly compared to typical LP numbers in previous elections, she still managed to take 1.1% of the vote. In many swing states that you can still wager on at the top Vegas election betting sites, Jorgensen seems to have played a significant spoiler role for the GOP, siphoning off enough conservative votes to boost Biden to victory. Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins took 0.2% of the national vote and doesn't appear to have hurt the Democratic Party's odds.

In every election, most of the focus is on Democrats and Republicans. However, there are always third-party candidates in the mix, and though you might not vote for them, many people do, and those votes add up. Often, US third-party Presidential candidates have a distinct effect on the larger race, as they tend to cannibalize the vote for the mainstream party with which they most align.

For this reason, even though American politics is largely a two-party system, 3rd parties remain relevant and important. Voting for third-party candidates is often viewed as a small act of rebellion by disheartened or unsatisfied members of the electorate, and it can send a message and help shape party politics for Democrats and Republicans, particularly when the big boys think such candidates actually tilted the scales in an important election.

Of course, if you want to tilt some scales of your own – of the pocketbook variety – you can bet on third-party Vegas election odds. Just sign up with any of the top offshore books recommended here, and cast your “vote” for the underdog that you think has a chance to disrupt the game. As the November general election nears, you should see odds for Libertarian Party candidates, Green Party candidates, Independents, and more!

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What Is A Third Party in American Politics?

In US politics, a third party is any political party that isn’t Democratic or Republican. Third-party candidate platforms, then, can run the gamut, and these politicians (and, often, non-politicians) tend to skew to extremes where the two mainstream parties are more or less “in the middle.”

For the most part, the history of third-party candidates is a storied one, and there have been some notable people to fly alternate banners in major elections. From George Washington and Teddy Roosevelt to George Wallace and Ross Perot, 3rd party Presidential hopefuls have helped shape America.

That said, neither Democrats nor Republicans appreciate third-party challengers because they have the ironic effect of harming the mainstream parties with which they are most similar. The Libertarian Party, an offshoot of the conservative GOP, actually splits the Republican vote and can help Democrats win elections. Likewise, the Green Party is made up of extreme progressive Democrats, and they typically end up helping Republicans win close races.

That’s why, for example, you won’t see a Tulsi Gabbard third-party candidate showing in the 2020 election, as she would damage her party (despite their endless campaign to damage her). Voters, of course, are aware of this third-party issue, and bettors are, too. That’s why Vegas third-party election odds are always going to have huge payouts, as every candidate is a huge longshot.

Current Vegas Odds For Third-Party Candidates

Right now, you are unlikely to find any Vegas odds on third-party candidates. And ironically, even when you do, you won’t actually be able to bet on them in Vegas. Remember, Nevada – and every state in America – doesn’t allow political wagering. Vegas bookies simply release hypothetical political lines and election props as bait to get gamblers into their standard sportsbooks.

Fortunately, top-rated offshore sportsbooks advertise and accept bets on politics and elections, and it’s legal, safe, and easy to sign up at any of the top-rated sites listed here. Once these sportsbooks release their third-party Presidential election betting lines, this page will be updated accordingly.

Major 3rd Party Candidates 2020

As stated, there are only really two major 3rd parties at the moment: the Libertarian Party and the Green Party. These are briefly described below, with their presumptive 2020 nominees included.

Libertarian Party

The Libertarian Party exists on the far right of the American political spectrum, favoring small government, reduced taxation, and increased individual rights and privileges. Of all the more well-known US political parties, the Libertarian movement best represents those voters with “individualistic” ideals.

The current front-runner for the Libertarian Party Presidential nomination is Jacob Hornberger of Virginia. In 2016, third-party candidate Gary Johnson ran as the party’s nominee, but Hornberger appears to have taken the mantle. His closest competition so far is street artist Vermin Supreme, who is an old guy with a big beard and a boot on his head. Hornberger should be a lock to be on the November ballot.

Jo Jorgensen

Jo JorgensenProfessor Jo Jorgensen is the 2020 Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party. Despite most of the 2020 Libertarian primary votes going for Jacob Hornberger of Virginia, the LP decided to select Jorgensen instead at the Libertarian National Convention in May. Hailing from South Carolina, Jorgensen is currently a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Clemson University.

Jorgensen has twice before run for public office as a Libertarian, first in 1992 for South Carolina’s US House of Representatives election (District 4) and again as the Libertarian running mate for Harry Browne in the 1996 Presidential election.

Jorgensen is the only candidate other than Donald Trump and Joe Biden to be on the 2020 ballot in all 50 states. Her Libertarian VP running mate is podcaster Spike Cohen, who campaigned with Vermin Supreme in the LP primaries. There are currently no Vegas Libertarian Party odds posted, though we expect to see some lines and props crop up before the November general.

Green Party

The Green Party is a socialism-based political group that advocates for mostly unfettered governmental control. In other words, they are the counterpoint to the Libertarian movement. Their platform includes hardline Democrat talking points taken to the extreme, focusing on “social justice,” “peace,” and “eco-socialism,” whatever that means.

Jill Stein was the Green Party’s nominee for President in 2016, taking just over one percent of the popular vote. This year, candidate Howie Hawkins of New York is the presumptive Green Party nominee. Hawkins is also the presumptive POTUS nominee for the Socialist Party USA.

Independent Parties  

While Independent parties are, for all intents and purposes, another way to say “third parties,” they can also represent candidates that have no party affiliation of any kind. The term, like the policies of the candidates under its umbrella, is fairly fluid.

Right Now, there are three notable potential Independents that could run for President in 2020:

Andrew Cuomo Icon

Andrew Cuomo

While the current New York governor is a Democrat and is second behind Creepy Joe Biden on the Democratic betting boards, he may choose to run for President as an Independent, particularly if he thinks he can help pull some of the centrist Donald Trump voters away from the Bad Orange Man. However, Andrew Cuomo has said that he has no interest in running for the post, though bettors – and sportsbooks – aren’t buying it.

Mark CubanMark Cuban

Mark Cuban, reality TV star and billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, is something of a maverick himself. In 2017, he said that if he ever ran for President, he’d do so as a Republican. However, with Trump likely being too big a mountain to climb for even a fellow billionaire, if Cuban enters the fray, he will probably do so as an Independent or a member of a defined third party.

Justin Amash

Justin Amash

Justin Amash is a Republican turned Independent turned Libertarian, and he is a well-known “Never Trumper.” He’s a sitting congressman in the US House of Representatives (Michigan), though Amash has indicated that he may retire to run for President. However, he’s far behind Hornberger in the race for the Libertarian nomination, so he might have to run as an Independent if he decides to give it a go.

Other Notable Third-Party Candidates

“Notable” might be a stretch, but from all third-party candidates out there, the following list represents those with the best chances to have any kind of national presence in the 2020 general election and thus impact the overall Vegas election odds, however slightly.

These inevitable also-rans may not be featured at many (or any) sportsbooks, but it’s still important for bettors to know who they are and how they might influence the 2020 Presidential election:

  • Rocky De La Fuente (FL) - Alliance Party
  • Brian T. Carroll (CA) - American Solidarity Party
  • Jerome Segal (MD) - Bread and Roses (LOL)
  • Don Blankenship (WV) - Constitution Party
  • Mark Charles (CA) - Legal Marijuana Now Party
  • Gloria La Riva (CA) - Party for Socialism and Liberation
  • Phil Collins (NV) - Prohibition Party (not very rock ‘n’ roll)
  • Rocky De La Fuente (FL) - Reform Party
  • Jeff Mackler (CA) - Socialist Action
  • Joseph Kishore (MI) - Socialist Equality Party
  • Howie Hawkins (NY) - Socialist Party USA
  • Alyson Kennedy (TX) - Socialist Workers Party
  • Johannon Ben Zion (AZ) - Transhumanist Party (aka Skynet)
  • Bill Hammons (CO) - Unity Party of America
  • Max Abramson (NH) - Veteran’s Party of America

3rd Party Candidate FAQs