Mobile Election Betting 2023 - Are Mobile Political Betting Apps Legal?

By now, you’re probably painfully aware that politics rules your life. But you may not be as aware that easy, convenient relief is also readily available: mobile political betting. Yes, betting on elections – no matter where you are in the USA – is possible when you join any of the top Vegas election sportsbooks, and it’s a great way to make some extra cash for when the next commie grifter weasels its way into office. (Incidentally, we always recommend betting on politics using cryptocurrency instead of Uncle Sam’s Fun Bucks™.)

At any rate, if you’re out and about and can’t seem to shake the 24/7 political jibber-jabber on the radio or Internet or airport TV, you can finally put that noise to actual use! Just whip out your trusty iPhone, iPad, or Android, follow any link on this page to sign up with a reputable offshore sportsbook site, and place your bets. Mobile election betting is safe, legal, and the most effective way to make your voice heard!

The Best Vegas Political Betting Sites For Mobile Election Betting In 2023

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Is It Legal To Bet On Politics With Smartphones And Tablets?

Yes! If you live in the United States, it is perfectly legal to use any Internet-connected mobile device to bet on political props, political futures, Presidential elections, international elections, and more. In fact, the only way to bet politics on the go is to use the respected overseas sportsbooks we recommend, as domestic US betting sites don’t allow election betting at all.

Plus, US-based sportsbooks are all geofenced, meaning that you can only bet using a given state’s legal sports betting sites if you’re physically inside that specific state’s borders. With offshore betting, there are no such restrictions, and only Washington has laws barring access to the services we recommend.

Mobile election betting from iphone, android

Benefits Of Mobile Political Betting Online

If you’ve visited Vegas Election Odds before, you’ve probably found us while browsing the Internet via mobile. That alone is indicative of the benefits of mobile betting in general and mobile election betting in particular: It’s just so darn convenient!

Mobile betting makes online gambling great again, and if you want to MOGGA, there’s no reason not to get started right away. Plus, mobile political betting deposits are basically the only online campaign contributions that can score you something better than a crappy tote bag or bumper sticker in return.

(We are, of course, excepting the official MAGA-MART, because never in the history of anything has there ever been such a fantastic selection of based, Democrat-crushing MAGA merch. That said, Andrew Yang’s store was pretty close. We hope Yang runs again, because nothing says “mobile Vegas election betting” like a MATH, MONEY, MARIJUANA iPhone case. Let’s Go, Brandon! – Ed.)

At any rate, here are the full benefits of betting politics online using your favorite smartphone or tablet device:

  • Unrivaled convenience. Aside from Donald Trump, convenience is king, and mobile political betting is as convenient as it gets. Plus, it’s better for your bottom line. The Vegas election odds change all the time, and if you can’t bet as soon as a given line shifts, you could miss out on a yuge payday. So make like the IRS, and never miss out on that yuge payday!
  • No border walls. Online betting is not geo-fenced when you gamble with the best mobile online sportsbooks. You aren’t limited to your state of residence or the state you’re currently in, so you can carpetbag your way across America and keep hitting the favorites as you go from sea to shining sea. Note: This is only a positive in the online space. In real life, it’s downright catastrophic!
  • Device agnostic. With online sports betting, there’s a real separation of church and state. Apple fanboys and Android fanboys have nothing to fight about, because the best election betting sites work regardless of make, model, or screen size. As long as you have a reasonably recent device and an up-to-date web browser, you’re good to go.
  • One polling place. Your mobile device is like the society your betters are trying to make, only – you know – functional. That is, everything is available in one place, and every part works with every other part. Set up your legal betting account, link your mobile bank account, buy and send crypto, grab your gambling bonuses, place your bets, and collect your payouts all on a single device. This time, it doesn’t take a village!
  • No fake ballots. Unlike casting a vote, when you cast your bet with a reputable online political gambling site, you’re guaranteed two things. First, your bet counts and will be graded fairly every time. Second, your gambling site will never alter your betting slip or change the outcome to suit its bottom line over yours. Online mobile election betting is 100% transparent.
  • No term limits. All the best Vegas election betting operators have been in business for years and have established active player bases of millions of US members. They’re not going anywhere. Similarly, every betting site is designed with longevity in mind, so you don’t have to worry about upgrading your smartphone or tablet every couple of years in order to get the best experience. This isn’t the US House of Representatives, you know!

Betting On Politics On iPhone

Apple logoIf you have an iPhone, it used to be that we could – with reasonable accuracy – assess your political leanings. That’s no longer true, because the iPhone is the most popular and ubiquitous mobile device in America. Democrats and Republicans both agree that Apple makes the best mass-produced Chinese electronics in the world.

As such, iPhone sports betting – including Vegas political betting and Vegas current events betting – is the gold standard. And you don’t have to feel trapped in the App Store’s walled garden, either.

There are no iPhone gambling apps to download to access the sites we recommend, as everything is optimized to run right through mobile Safari or any other modern mobile web browser. Just visit any of the best Vegas political sportsbooks using your iPhone, and you’re in.

As a rule of thumb, it doesn’t matter how old your iPhone is so long as Apple still supports its latest iOS implementation. In general, as long as you have something newer than an iPhone 6 or thereabouts, you should be good to go. Support for older iPhones may be spotty and will depend on whether or not your browser is still regularly updated.

Betting On Politics On iPad

Apple logoUsing an iPad to legally bet politics online is – as far as we’re concerned – the overall best possible experience. (Incidentally, this is true for all mobile sports betting, online casino gambling, and so on.).

The iPad’s bigger screen size makes browsing the political odds quick and easy, ensuring that you’ll always find the lines you’re after. Still, betting on elections with iPad isn’t always the most convenient option. We primarily use the 12.9” iPad Pro (2015 model – we’re not bougie like your bog-standard commie politico, here), and that thing isn’t something we like carrying around outside the house.

But if you want to lounge around inside the house and bet on politics in between gabbing on Telegram and Apple Penciling your way through your therapeutic adult coloring books, then iPad’s the way to go.

Just remember that to get the most out of your mobile betting on iPad, you’ll need the 5G model with its own data plan. Otherwise, you’re stuck with Wi-Fi. Of course, if you stick with Wi-Fi, you’ll have that much more cash to spend on online election gambling!

Betting On Politics On Android

Android logoAndroid is the smartphone, democratized. That is, everyone voted against iPhone and…got what they got. Most of them aren’t thrilled with the end results, but the anti-Apple sentiment out there is a bit like TDS: You’ll use anything but iPhone, even if it’s much, much worse.

Of course, we kid! The Apple vs. Android debate was settled ages ago, with users choosing the platform they like and sticking with it as long as they actually reap the benefits thereof. (Washington DC could learn a thing or two from that approach, we think.) At any rate, Android is a capable, robust mobile OS, and the majority of mobile gamblers actually use Android smartphones and tablets to place their online bets.

But as with iPhone, you won’t find any Android betting apps or Android gambling apps that support legal Vegas political betting in the Google Play Store. You can only get those when visiting the sites we recommend using your favorite Android browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, etc.).

Best of all, as long as you’re running a relatively recent build of Google’s mobile OS, you’re sure to always find the droid – er, potential candidate – you’re looking for at the top election betting websites.

Betting On Politics On Blackberry

Blackberry logoWho are you, 187-year-old Bernie Sanders? Nobody uses a Blackberry for anything anymore, much less for legal online election betting. Do these plastic bricks with their unreasonably small QWERTY keyboards even connect to the Internet these days?

Sure, Blackberries did have the reputation of being extra secure, which would be a great selling point for online gambling (if online gambling weren’t already super secure to begin with). But they were only so secure because nobody used them in the first place.

Honestly, we don’t even know why we included this section. Shame on you.

Mobile Election Betting FAQs

Is mobile election betting safe?

Yes. If you live in the United States and are at least 18 years old, it’s 100% safe to bet politics online at the sites featured here.

Each operator we recommend has been in business for years, legally providing US bettors with election betting odds and other real-money online gambling markets.

There are no federal laws barring the activity at the individual level, and the best venues all offer state-of-the-art SSL and TLS security. Plus, your personal information and financial data is never share or sold.

What happens at Vegas election betting sites stays at Vegas election betting sites. Until, of course, you request a payout. Then it stays in your wallet.  

Is mobile election betting legit?

Yes, but only if you pick a trusted, time-tested operator.

There are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of online gambling sites out there. Heck, it’s basically like the 2024 Democrat primary field!

But as long as you stick with the sites we review, trust, and gamble with ourselves, you’re guaranteed to have a safe, enjoyable, honest gambling experience.

Naturally, we can’t say the same for the politicians and policies you bet on at these sites, but that’s another matter for another time.

What are the best mobile political betting sites?

That really depends on your own personal needs.

Each site has different online betting sign-up bonuses and reload bonuses available, and each site supports different banking methods. Plus, each site has very different odds for the political bets offered on their boards.

Depending on the time of year, Bovada Sportsbook might be the best choice with the most variety, though this really seems to be the case only as the next elections approach on the calendar.

During off-cycle years, BetOnline Sportsbook has proven to offer a superior selection of election odds and political betting options.

Meanwhile, MyBookie Sportsbook is the weirdest betting site of the bunch, offering odds – and payouts – you won’t find anywhere else. For example, at MyBookie, the 2024 Presidential election odds have never featured Trump as the favorite!

Of course, if you join all three sites, you can not only shop lines like a pro, but you can bet on pretty much any political line you can think of.

The Vegas-style offshore sportsbooks we recommend allow you to bet on Presidential races, wager on gubernatorial betting odds and US Senate betting odds, and welcome your participation in oddball gambling markets like Presidential debate betting, impeachment betting, and more.

You can even find a host of international political action, including UK election odds.

Are election betting odds the same on mobile and desktop?

Yes. All the sites featured here offer the same exact election odds regardless of the platform used to access the betting boards.

In other words, you’ll never miss out on any wagers or unique political gambling lines based on the device you’re using.

How big is the mobile political betting market?

The election betting market is among the smaller online sportsbook markets, but it’s growing at a rapid pace thanks in large part to ubiquitous mobile compatibility.

It’s estimated that roughly 80% of regular online gamblers place their wagers via mobile, and that number will only continue to get larger going forward.

While we don’t expect the market to ever eclipse sports gambling mainstays (i.e. NFL betting, NBA betting, tennis betting, soccer betting, etc.), election betting is one of the fastest-growing gambling markets in the world.

And America – as with everything else – is leading the way.