Florida Republicans Favored To Dominate Midterm Elections

Florida Republicans Marco Rubio and Ron DeSantis in front of the state flag

The Sunshine State has elected Republican Governors since the turn of the century but was a dominant Democratic stronghold for almost the entire 1900s.

Jeb Bush, brother of former-President George W. Bush, set the tone for the GOP in Florida when he was elected as Governor in 1999. Jeb’s two terms as Florida Governor caused a massive shift in the state from blue to red, a status it still holds in 2022.

Betting on Ron DeSantis will require plenty of risk just to net a single dollar in gambling winnings. How much? A wager of $100 on a DeSantis election victory will provide a payout of $101 if he wins.

Florida Gubernatorial Betting Odds – 2022

  • Ron DeSantis (R) -10000
  • Charlie Crist (D) +2000

For those that are looking to place a smaller wager on Ron DeSantis’ reelection potential as Florida Governor, the following line can earn a dollar on a $75 wager if the Republican Party secures another term in Tallahassee.

Florida Governor Odds – Party Winner

  • Republicans -7500
  • Democrats +1600
  • Any Other +5000

A monkeywrench that could cause unorthodox voting numbers in Florida is a new law that allows formerly convicted felons to weigh in at the ballot box. This law excludes those that were convicted of murder or felony-level sexual crimes.

20 arrests have been made thus far, all for illegal voting activities during the 2020 election cycle.

Early voting in Florida is in full swing, with indicators revealing a strong showing for GOP candidates.

Marco Rubio is defending his Florida US Senate seat against current US Representative Val Demings, who many DNC supporters assumed would have a decent shot of winning thanks to her pro-police and gun ownership stances.

However, odds posted at the online sportsbooks featured in our election betting site reviews heavily favor Rubio for the win.

The following three betting lines not only indicate that Marco Rubio will trounce Val Demmings next Tuesday when votes are counted but that his margin of victory will be in excess of 10%.

2022 US Senatorial Election – Florida

  • Republican Party -2000
  • Democratic Party +690
  • Others +4900

Florida US Senate Election Odds

  • Marco Rubio (R) -10000
  • Val Demings (D) +2000

Florida Senate Odds – Marco Rubio’s Margin Of Victory

  • Over 10.5 % -120
  • Under 10.5 % -120

The odds for betting on Republican candidates are favorable enough across the United States to compel online sportsbooks to suggest that the GOP will capture majorities in the US House and Senate.

For that to happen, many experts are pointing to key US Senate races in Georgia and Pennsylvania, where celebrity GOP candidates are poised to win by a narrow margin in the polls and betting odds.

In order to cash in on any of the above betting odds for Florida’s 2022 midterm elections, wagers will need to be placed between now and November 8th.

There is a chance that the election betting lines will not last until next Tuesday, so make your wagering decisions this weekend, and good luck!

Source – USA Today

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