Donald Trump maintains lead as the Odds-On Favorite to Win the 2020 Presidential Election

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Despite the looming possibility that House Democrats could begin impeachment proceedings any day now, Donald Trump nevertheless remains the betting favorite to win another term as President in 2020.

Donald Trump’s Odds to Win the 2020 Presidential Election

Bovada oddsmakers currently give Trump a 45.45% chance to win next year’s presidential election while BetOnline gives him an even 50% chance.

And according to these latest betting market predictions that are available to the public at online sportsbooks, no candidate — either Democrat or Republican — currently comes close to challenging Trump as the favorite.

At this time, Joe Biden leads all Democratic candidates who’ve officially announced their 2020 bid, and the former vice president under Obama is predicted to receive the party’s presidential nomination and face Trump in the November 2020 general election.

But even though his betting lines make him the second-most likely person to be elected President of the United States next year, Biden’s odds are still much lower than Trump’s at this time. How much lower? Let’s take a look.

Joe Biden’s Odds to Win the 2020 Presidential Election

  • Bovada: +400 ($100 bet wins $400)
  • BetOnline: +500 ($100 bet wins $500)

Currently, Bovada has Biden posted at +400 which means their bookmakers give him exactly a 20% chance to win next year’s election, and his odds are even lower at BetOnline with a probability of 16.67% to win it all.

When comparing the odds for the frontrunner of both the Republican and Democratic Party to determine the margin of probability given by both online sportsbooks, Biden is behind Trump by 25.45% at Bovada and 33.33% at BetOnline.

This is a lot of ground to make up on the online public betting market, but Biden’s (or any other Democrat) chances will improve if their polling improves and they manage to win states when the primary voting season rolls around.

Since Trump happens to be the President presently and is the incumbent who is eligible for another term, his odds will likely see little change from now until Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

The only thing that prevents Trump from running his re-election campaign is if something drastic happens from now until Election Day, such as damning, tangible evidence of indefensible wrongdoing that also has his signature all over it.

But even if something like that does come to light, wagering against him is not a smart move. To go one step further: Picking him to lose the 2020 election is far from a safe bet.

And you only need to look back to 2016 for the proof.