Vegas Election Odds Pro Tip: Penn In Your Bets For Biden

joe biden smiling in a crowd

Election bettors, take note:

Just yesterday, a pair of major Pennsylvania Supreme Court rulings tipped the scales massively in favor of Joe Biden’s chances to win the heavily contested battleground state in the 2020 Presidential election.

Several different decisions about the Pennsylvania ballot and vote-counting system came down on Thursday, and these are the highlights:

The Green Party Gets The Boot

The Green Party, with Presidential nominee Howie Hawkins, has been kicked off the official PA ballot. Judges cited a series of technicalities and “irregularities” that have removed the US’ fourth largest political party from the ballot in the state.

It is important for election gamblers to note that the Green Party typically siphons votes from the Democrat Party. In 2016, the Green Party earned 0.81% of the state vote. Trump won PA by 0.72% of the vote. The Libertarian Party, which took 2.38% of the vote in 2016 (mostly from the GOP) is allowed to remain on the 2020 PA ballot.

Advantage Biden.

PA Ballots Received Post Election Will Be Counted

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court also ruled that the state may continue to count ballots received by mail up to three days after the November 3 general election (ending at 5:00 PM EST).

These ballots must be postmarked by 8:00 PM EST on November 3 to be considered valid. As the Vote By Mail™ movement is largely spearheaded by the left, this is considered to be another win for Democrats in the state.

Advantage Biden.

PA Ballots Don’t Actually Have To Be Postmarked By Election Day

Despite the explicit mandate above, the PA judiciary also ruled that ballots don’t really have to be postmarked by 8:00 PM on November 3, stating that:

“[B]allots received within this period that lack a postmark or other proof of mailing, or for which the postmark or other proof of mailing is illegible, will be presumed to have been mailed by Election Day unless a preponderance of the evidence demonstrates that it was mailed after Election Day.”

Advantage Biden.

PA Ballot Signatures Don’t Need To Match

While this particular bit of insanity didn’t come down from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, the PA State Department earlier this week decided that the signatures on mailed-in ballots do not have to match the signatures on file with the registered voters casting them.

Advantage Biden.

Somehow, bettors haven’t jumped on any of this news yet, as the state electoral odds for PA are still pretty close, echoing where they’ve been for the last couple of weeks at the top Vegas betting sites:

Pennsylvania Electoral Odds 2020


  • Joe Biden -190
  • Donald Trump +145


  • Joe Biden -155
  • Donald Trump +125


  • Joe Biden -190
  • Donald Trump +145

Looking at the polling and taken in absence of the aforementioned rulings, the above numbers make sense, as Trump narrowly won the state in 2016, and he’s currently in a “statistical tie” with Biden according to several PA pollsters.

However, given that the Keystone State’s judiciary – voting along party lines at 5-2 – have opened the door to unprecedented voter fraud, it seems like the odds should favor Biden far more heavily than they currently do.

Once bettors wise up to this judicial malfeasance, the lines will change, so make sure to get your wagers in on Biden ASAP if you think he’s going to carry the state in November (or December, or whenever).

Remember, when you’re betting on election outcomes at the best Vegas political betting sites, it doesn’t matter whether a given politician wins by hook or by crook – it only matters that they win.

And that’s all that should matter to you, too.   

Caveat emptor: An appeal will almost certainly be fast-tracked to the US Supreme Court, where any or all of the above rulings may be reversed. However, with just 45 days until the election, there’s precious little time to sort out the issues and get Pennsylvania’s ballots reprinted should that happen, possibly delaying PA’s results for weeks or months.

Maybe those Nancy Pelosi President odds are the way to go, after all…

Source: Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania, The Hill