Kanye West Props Debut At Top Of Vegas Betting Board Hot 100

kanye west in a white shirt with his hands up

While most of the betting odds at the best Vegas election sportsbooks have been fairly stagnant over the last month or so, there are finally some interesting political prop bets to choose from.

Of course, these center on the most interesting person in the 2020 race, Kanye West.

With West’s late entry into the fray making big waves and garnering criticism and skepticism across the political spectrum, the (in)famous rapper and fashion mogul seems at least somewhat serious about making a genuine run for the White House this year.

As a result – and due to some characteristically odd behavior from West and his clan (including threats of institutionalization from his wife, Kim Kardashian) – some books are offering Kanye West odds on a number of different actions and outcomes.

MyBookie Sportsbook has taken the most initiative here, posting eight compelling lines on all things Yeezy for Peezy, and we analyze and offer our picks for each set of odds.

2020 Presidential Election Winner

  • Joe Biden -170
  • Donald Trump +100 (EVEN)
  • Hillary Clinton +5000
  • Kanye West +7000
  • Mike Pence +7500
  • Michelle Obama +8000
  • Mitt Romney +10000
  • Andrew Cuomo +12500
  • Nikki Haley +12500

Look, Kanye isn’t going to win the 2020 Presidential election. Despite a catchy #2020VISION hashtag and the best merch of any candidate this side of Donald Trump, West simply doesn’t have the financial backing of enough people and organizations to make his dream a reality. This year, at least.

However, the longer West stays in the race, the more his candidacy could bleed off Democratic voters in swing states, helping boost Trump’s reelection chances.

Adidas Breaks Contract With Kanye West Before 11/3/2020

  • No -1500
  • Yes +600

Kanye West’s deal with Adidas is going nowhere…except all the way to the bank.

The current deal – which grants West full ownership of the Yeezy sub-brand and 15% of all wholesale profits – has made West a billionaire in just a short time.

The Yeezy imprint is insanely popular, and West just signed a 10-year contract to supply retailer Gap with Yeezy gear. Adidas isn’t about to hop off that gravy train because a rival apparel company would immediately pick up the Yeezy brand.

We’re not sure why this prop even came up, to be honest. The very idea!

Kanye West Sends Tweet Supporting Joe Biden Before 11/3/2020

  • No -700
  • Yes +300

While West has publicly distanced himself from Trump (kind of, maybe), his Christian and capitalist values are far too contrary to Biden’s political platforms.

Remember, West is outspokenly pro-life and pro-gun, and he also advocates bringing American manufacturing back from China.

It is yugely unlikely that West would support Biden or any Democrat, regardless of whether or not the presumptive nominee chooses a black woman as his Vice Presidential running mate.

Will Kanye West File A Statement Of Candidacy?

  • Yes -140
  • No +100 (EVEN)

This prop makes no sense, as West has already done so, way back on July 16.

The filing, with the FEC, declared “Kanye 2020” as his campaign committee, and with that document, West has officially been added to the ballot in Oklahoma (and his place on the Illinois ballot is pending).

Most states’ filing deadlines have not yet passed, giving West plenty of time to appear in the majority of 2020 state elections.

Kanye West Fires Advisor Steve Kramer Before 8/1/20

  • Yes -300
  • No +200

Steve Kramer, the advisor hired (maybe?) by West to help with the logistics of securing inclusion on state ballots across America, was the one who broke the news of Ye’s campaign being over before it started.

That was, as Trump himself would say, fake news, as West never dropped out.

Whether or not that gaffe has put the two at odds remains to be seen, but bettors seem to think that Kramer’s on the outs. Such seems unlikely, especially this early. Plus, this line vests in just under three days. Take the “No.”  

Kanye West Publicly Comments Dropping Out Of Presidential Race

  • Yes -300
  • No +200

MyBookie needs to be a bit more clear with some of its props, as we’re not even sure what this one actually means.

Is the bookmaker asking bettors whether or not Kanye will announce the end of his campaign if and when he ends it? Or is the question more along the lines of whether or not he’ll simply discuss the possibility of dropping out? Who knows.

For the former contingency, it’s almost impossible to imagine West would just quietly bail on the race without a Tweet or a press release. If the bet’s about the latter outcome, well, again, who knows?

We advise passing on this particular wager, as its terms are murky at best.  

Kanye West Sends Tweet Supporting Donald Trump Before 11/3/20

  • Yes -250
  • No +170

If West is going to drop out before election day, it seems pretty likely he’d ask his constituency to vote for Trump over Biden.

West is a fairly hardline conservative at heart, and if the race is down to Trump vs. Biden in November, West will certainly choose The Donald.

Of course, if Kanye is on a significant number of ballots and hasn’t dropped out, he won’t be endorsing anyone but himself.

Kanye West Institutionalized Before 11/3/20

  • No -160
  • Yes +120

A week or so ago, Kanye went on a Twitter rant, accusing his wife of threatening to have him institutionalized. You can read all about that vacuous tabloid drama elsewhere, but the upshot is that the fiasco has found its way into the betting lines.

Given his status as a billionaire with the legal team to match, it’s not particularly likely anyone would be able to have West involuntarily institutionalized unless he demonstrates in clear terms that he is a threat to himself or others.

And even if such an action were initiated today, his lawyers would certainly drag it out far beyond November.

Take the “No” if you’re compelled to give any credence at all to this sort of distasteful paparazzi propaganda.

Will “God’s Country” Carry An Explicit Rating?

  • No -200
  • Yes -150

This is the most built-in vigorish we’ve ever seen on a prop bet. Yeezy Pete’s!

As for the premise itself, that’s a tough one. And it’s unclear, once again.

“God’s Country” is a single from the forthcoming album Donda: With Child. The song has no curse words in it, nor any references to drug use, criminal activity, or anything else that typically invites the infamous Parental Advisory label.

Given West’s new religious overtures, it seems questionable that he’d want his new album to be rated for adults only. However, the content on the remainder of the record is as-yet unreleased and unknown.

West has famously foregone the “explicit label” in albums before, most notably with 808s & Heartbreak and Jesus Is King. We’d take the “No” at -200, here.