Playing Politics: Washington Redskins Officially Announce Awful New Name

washington redskins new name

One of the great things about political betting is that you aren’t always limited to the political betting market as such.

That is, you aren’t thematically restricted to Vegas election odds, election props, election futures, etc. Sometimes, there’s significant crossover with the entertainment odds and current events odds markets, and – on occasion – there’s even crossover with traditional sports betting lines.

One such instance has been brewing behind the scenes for some time.

If you’re not a football fan, you might have missed it, but over the last two years, the erstwhile Washington Redskins of the NFL have been going by “Washington Football Team” while market testing new mascots.

So, after two years and untold millions of dollars in R&D, the Washington Football Team football team finally has a new name. And, as you might expect, it’s comically pathetic:

“Washington Commanders”

Seriously, this is a garbage-tier arena football expansion team name, and everyone involved in the process should be ashamed of themselves. Think “Tennessee Titans,” only worse.

Hey, it’s not like the NFL was already flirting with excessive lameness in the wake of Tom Brady’s retirement, or anything…

Obviously, Washington never should have budged on the Redskins name to begin with, because prostrating oneself before the Woke Mob™ never works. Just ask Joe Rogan.

Or, for that matter, Daniel Snyder.

But even if they were going to try to appeal to a worthless clientele that’ll never give them a penny, Washington could have chosen something a bit more less stupid.

Seriously, “Washington Commanders” makes “Cleveland Guardians” seem like “New York Yankees.” (Not that we’re a huge fan of Yankees in general, but at least the name’s got character and history behind it.)  

Side note: Cleveland really should have gone with “Engines” and stuck it to everyone in the most Donald Trump way possible. That’s a missed opportunity they’ll never get back.

At any rate, Washington’s new name was a long time coming, and futures odds for the team’s “modernized” moniker were up at all the best Vegas election sportsbooks over the last several months.

For posterity, here were the potential candidates and their associated odds before today’s miserable announcement:

  • Washington Admirals -350
  • Washington Commanders +200
  • Washington RedHogs +1400
  • Washington Armada +2200
  • Washington Defenders +2200
  • Washington Redtails +2200
  • Washington Brigade +2500
  • Washington Presidents +2500
  • Washington Aviators +4000
  • Washington Lincolns* +4000
  • Washington Renegades +4000
  • Washington Sentinels +4000
  • Washington Generals +5000


After a leak seemed to hint at “Admirals,” the name attracted enough new action to become the heavy favorite. However, other names were included in said leak, and bettors had “Commanders” firmly in second place.

In the end, of course, “Commanders” won out.

There’s only one problem:

You know, looking back, “Washington Football Team” was actually kind of charming. We’ll miss it.

Let’s go, Commies!