Vegas Presidential Odds Rear Their Ugly Head-To-Heads At Election Sportsbooks

trump vs klobuchar 2024

A few weeks ago, we introduced BetOnline’s new 2024 Presidential head-to-head matchups in the “Which candidate will progress further?” vein. The obvious answer to all of those, of course, is Donald Trump.

But BetOnline also has an interesting selection of H2H Presidential odds that seeks to establish the final pairing of Democrat vs. Republican in the next US Presidential election.

These are interesting not so much for their actual payouts but for the scenarios they represent. It’s genuinely difficult to imagine most of them, given the way things currently stand. However, as 2016 proved – and then 2020 proved again – no surprise or steal is off the table.

And remember, these odds are about which potential candidates will win their primaries and represent the right and the left in 2024, not which candidate will win the election outright:

2024 Presidential Election – Head-To-Head Matchups

Via BetOnline Sportsbook

Trump vs. Biden +275

Joe. Biden. Is. Not. Running. For. President. In. 20. 20. 4.


Trump vs. Harris +550

Nobody likes Kamala Harris – not even the Democrats who may have actually voted for her.

Harris was installed as a token face and safety net for Dementia Joe, but if Biden concludes his term by some miracle (or whatever the opposite of a miracle is), it’s virtually impossible that the left won’t find someone more popular to headline the 2024 ticket.

DeSantis vs. Biden +1000  

Not a chance. This pairing would require two things to take place, both of which are unlikely.

First and foremost, Trump would have to defer to DeSantis. That’s at least not an impossible scenario.

Secondly, however, Biden would have to make it to 2024 and have the energy – and the mental faculties – to run again. That is an utterly impossible scenario. 

Trump vs. Buttigieg +1300 

The debates would be amazing, and frankly – where things seem to be headed here and now – this should be the favorite.

We don’t think the pairing will happen, but of all the current Vegas election odds, it makes the most sense.

The left still likes Mayor Pete for some reason.

DeSantis vs. Harris +1800 

Again, VP Harris is a total non-starter at the top of the 2024 Democratic ticket.

Haley vs. Biden +1900


Trump vs. Warren +2000    

Half of this line is probably correct, but the other half is a logical absurdity. We bet you can figure out which is which.

Trump vs. Klobuchar +3000 

Honestly, this line should be closer to +1000 than +3000.

Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar is reasonably popular up north, and she’s centrist enough to be halfway attractive to Democrat voters.

Her 2024 Senate election odds to keep her seat in MN are pretty strong, however, and she may be more comfortable careering it up in the upper chamber than trying and failing to win the White House against the GOAT.

Carlson vs. Biden +3300   

Folks, Hunter Biden’s BFF isn’t going to run for President, and Hunter Biden’s dad isn’t, either.  

Haley vs. Harris +3300    


Pence vs. Biden +3300

Mike Pence for President in 2024? That’s as dumb a pick as Joe Biden for President in 2024. This should be pulling odds of +10000 or more.

DeSantis vs. Buttigieg +4000    

Buttigieg has as little hope to beat DeSantis as he does to beat The Donald. I.e. not a snowflake’s chance in hell.

Carlson vs. Harris +6000

Come on, man.  

DeSantis vs. Warren +6000 

This one’s at least rooted in some kind of reality. It’s still not happening, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

Pence vs. Harris +6000    


Haley vs. Buttigieg +7500 

This is about as far down the ladder of realistic matchups we’re willing to entertain, and the odds are about right.

DeSantis vs. Klobuchar +9000    

This pairing should be much higher on the list.

Of all the potential Democratic candidates, Klobuchar is the least offensive and represents the best chance for the party to scale back its radical nonsense in the public eye.

Haley vs. Warren +11000   


Carlson vs. Buttigieg +12500    

If you think either of these losers is going to get their respective party nominations, you should be chastened more than Mayor Pete.

Pence vs. Buttigieg +12500


Haley vs. Klobuchar +16500

This is the only woman vs. woman matchup we can credibly see happening in 2024, and it’s about as likely as the odds indicate.

Carlson vs. Warren +18500 

A fake conservative and a fake Indian walk into a bar…

Pence vs. Warren +18500   

This line isn’t even worth a comment.

Carlson vs. Klobuchar +28500    

Why does anyone think Tucker Carlson is actually going to run for President?

Pence vs. Klobuchar +28500

Such a return to pseudo-establishment politics is unlikely.

Pence’s political career effectively ended back in January, and while Klobuchar seems to be the best choice for the left, this matchup won’t happen.  

2021 Joe Biden Presidential Mental Fitness Test Update

Will Biden complete full first term?

  • Yes -220 (-220)
  • No +155 (+155)

Biden Exit Date

  • 2025 -140 (-140)
  • Not Before 2026 +335 (+335)
  • 2022 +400 (+400)
  • 2023 +550 (+550)
  • 2024 +1400 (+1400)
  • 2021 +10000 (+10000)

Will Biden leave office via impeachment?

  • No -900 (-900)
  • Yes +500 (+500)

Biden Approval Rating On Jan. 1, 2022

  • Under 43% -125 (43% -130)
  • Over 43% -115 (43% -110)