The Trump Administration Fights For Victory Alone Meanwhile Odds Disappear

Donald Trump and Joe Biden

Right now, the media narrative around both presidential campaigns vary. Joe Biden’s campaign patiently circles the Oval Office, while Donald Trump’s administration bulldogs its way through premature victory claims and court battles. Both candidates provide different messages on the state of the election as votes come trickling in.

Former Vice-President Joe Biden released a statement on the status of the election. The Democratic hopeful remains confident of winning the Presidency yet has not claimed an outright victory. Joe Biden urged the American people for patience and urged state election officials to protect democracy by allowing all votes to be counted.

The Trump campaign has an undeniably different air of confidence behind them. The President has already claimed victory despite many votes in crucial swing states still left untallied. Moreover, the Trump administration engages in a powerful messaging campaign, attempting to question the election’s integrity.

Crying fraud, however, has so far been a solitary battle for the executive and his team. The social media accounts of The Trump crew – Rudy Giuliani, Pam Bondi, Donald Trump Jr – have been rife with claims of fraud and cheating on behalf of the Democrats.

However, these claims are being widely refuted by both liberal and conservative media sources. Hinting that these claims are frivolous and some plain bogus, are the social media accounts of high-profile GOP leaders.

Mitch McConnell has remained silent on the Trump administration’s election fraud accusations, and so has Lindsey Graham. Even Vice-President Mike Pence has not peddled the allegations. This disparity may provide insight into the claims’ actual validity and their ability to change any votes.

Pennsylvania has denied allegations of a lack of transparency at the polls, citing that poll watchers from either party cannot oversee vote-counting signature by signature under their state constitution. Per Trump’s lawsuit, a Pennsylvania court ruled that poll watchers can stand closer to observe the count.

While this ruling remains inconsequential to the outcome of the election, the Trump administration claimed it as a substantial legal win for them in an attempt to rouse support.

Tweets around a “Michigan vote dump” took the internet by storm Tuesday and Wednesday. The originator of the tweet that Trump used as fraud fuel was a Texas GOP consultant. The information reported a 100% vote dump of 128+ votes overnight.

The screenshot of the numbers was reportedly a typo and was later corrected. The original poster later removed the tweet and apologized for the mistake.

In our opinion, this is the danger of social media. Once something is posted, it becomes absolute in the court of public opinion. Even when the controversy is dismissed as a technical error, the idea of wrongdoings continues to circulate.

We can continue to expect these types of claims, along with recounts and superfluous court battles. The Supreme Court is very unlikely to hear any case before the counting finishes, and by that time, there may be a winner.

Most bettors are similarly expecting this to be the case; some sportsbooks have already closed their Vegas election odds. One sportsbook, Bovada, shows Biden as the clear favorite. Bettors are unlikely swayed by liberal or conservative scare tactics.

US Presidential Election 2020 – Odds To Win
Joe Biden -700
Donald Trump +425