Vegas Election Betting Sites Post More Donald Trump Odds

donald trump pumping his fist on stage at a rally

Props and props and props, oh my!

Ever since BetOnline yesterday came out of the gate with new Donald Trump odds for the remainder of his two weeks in office, so too have the other major Vegas election betting sites.  

Naturally, after the Suddenly Not So Mostly Peaceful Protests™ at Capitol Hill on Tuesday, lawmakers and media mouthpieces who stood silent while cities burned throughout 2020 are calling for the head of not only The Donald himself, but also for those of his supporters.

It’s interesting to see how quickly a narrative can change.


CNN Headline report: Fiery But Mostly Peaceful Protests After Police Shooting


screenshot of CNN news headline: Insurrection in WA following Trump Encouragement

If nothing else, of course, this blatant hypocrisy has spurred some interesting betting lines, which you can see from the top Vegas political sportsbooks on the Internet:

2021 Donald Trump Odds

Via Bovada

Will Donald Trump be impeached before the end of his term?

  • Yes -190
  • No +145

This one’s tough.

Impeachment is a possibility, as it functionally means almost nothing. It’s just a vote on the floor – it starts a process for which there is almost no time to complete.

It would be a political statement from the establishment, and nothing more.

Additionally, according to the MSM, the rationale for this new Trump impeachment is that he “incited violence” by merely suggesting that his supporters should protest – peacefully, mind you – the blatant 2020 November election fraud.

If it is an impeachable offense for an elected official to support protests, then those bringing the impeachment charges – particularly Nancy Pelosi – might be opening themselves up to similar charges. So, too, could the incoming Vice President of the United States:

screenshot showing 4 prominent democrats calling for violent protests

Still, these people are out for blood, and a final shot across the bow wouldn’t surprise us.

Trump may well be “impeached,” but he won’t be removed from office. And since he probably isn’t running again, banning him from holding future office wouldn’t do much but cause a riot a million times worse than what we saw on Tuesday. (And, of course, all throughout the rest of 2020 literally all across America.)

The favorite here seems like a decent pick, but we don’t like the payout. We’re staying away.

Perfunctory hot take: If Trump is rapidly removed from office, he can no longer challenge the election results, which he has the ability to do through January 20 at 11:59 AM EST. If damning evidence is forthcoming in an official capacity (rather than just floating around in front of us for all to see), this could put the kibosh on that.

Will Donald Trump complete his first term as President?

  • Yes -330
  • No +235


Donald Trump will not be removed from office with two weeks to go in his term.

Doing so would be an incomprehensible tactical blunder for a party that has already secured its grasp on total power.

Of course, if a hopelessly fractured America is the goal for said party, by all means, this would be the nail in the coffin.  

Will Donald Trump pardon himself in his first term as President?

  • No -130
  • Yes +100

Tough call, but we’d say no, and for two reasons.

First, Trump hasn’t actually committed any crimes. People might hate his guts and accuse him of being Literally You-Know-Who™, but there’s nothing to pardon.

Secondly, a pardon is viewed by many as an admission of guilt, which isn’t something that seems to be in The Donald’s nature.

Plus, again, what exact actions would he be pardoning? Having the audacity to buck the status quo and win the support of the American everyman against the wishes of entrenched politicos like Hillary Clinton?


Will Donald Trump resign during his first term?

  • No -500
  • Yes +330

LOL, no.

Out of all the current Trump-related Vegas political props, this one’s the biggest no-brainer of the bunch.

Unless, of course, there’s a Trump-Pence long con afoot…

Via BetOnline

First Non-Extradition Country Trump Enters

  • Russia +200    
  • United Arab Emirates +250 
  • Qatar +300
  • Morocco +500   
  • Brunei +700    
  • Montenegro +800
  • Ukraine +800   
  • Saudi Arabia +900    
  • Indonesia +1400
  • Mongolia +1400 
  • Jordan +2000   
  • Lebanon +2000  
  • Cambodia +2800 
  • Georgia +2800  
  • Vatican City +5000   
  • Vietnam +5000  
  • Libya +7500    
  • China +8000

We already covered this comically nonsensical prop in our article from yesterday. You can check out our analysis there, but the TL;DR is this:

None of the above, and nowhere else, either.

Will Melania Trump file for divorce by 11/04/21?

  • No -175   
  • Yes +135

Kimye has allegedly called it quits based on the latter half’s Presidential aspirations, general conservative bent, and popular fallout.

Still, we don’t see that happening with Donalania (Donania? Menalald? Menaliald?).

Bettors seem to agree, for now.   

Via MyBookie

Will Donald Trump delete his Twitter account before February 1, 2021?

  • No -400
  • Yes +250


It would be a shrewd move, considering Trump’s media empire ambitions.

A move to or – even better, an acquisition of – Parler makes a lot more sense, and Trump won’t give airtime to both platforms.

Trump’s Twitter exodus, whether voluntary or not, will be a huge boon for some competitive upstart.

The question is less “Will Trump delete his Twitter account?” and more “When will Trump delete his Twitter account?”

Will Twitter Permanently Ban Donald Trump before February 1, 2021?

  • Yes -150
  • No +110

Trump is currently suspended from Twitter for two weeks right now, but we don’t think so.

The Donald brings Twitter an enormous amount of publicity, traffic, and ad revenue. He’s the brand’s most valuable and popular user, even as they censor and handicap every post that comes out of his allegedly tiny thumbs.

Plus, there’s that pesky Section 230 to consider, albeit a Democratic feral government trifecta might render such concerns moot for the next couple of years at least.

Will new Articles of Impeachment be filed against Donald Trump before January 20, 2021?

  • Yes -160
  • No +120

Maybe. See above.

However, if you want to bet “Yes” on this, do so here at MyBookie, since you’ll get the best odds. Similarly, if you want to bet “No” on the line, Bovada is the place for the best payout.

Will Donald Trump be at the White House to greet Joe Biden on January 20, 2021?

  • No -400
  • Yes +250

Not a chance.

Will Trump and Biden shake hands on January 20, 2021?

  • No -500
  • Yes +300

Not a chance in hell.

So, those are today’s prop bets on the Bad Orange Man.

If you see any you like, you need to act fast, because these won’t all be up beyond the next 24 hours or so. Case in point, most of yesterday’s props from BetOnline are already down.

And as always, good luck to you.

You’re going to need it!