Top Vegas Election Sportsbook Thinks Trump Train Finally Derailed

trump train derailed

Right now, there’s a questionably constitutional effort being undertaken in the US Senate to see to it that Donald Trump can never run for President again.

Of course, failing Senate conviction on Trump’s second set of trumped-up impeachment charges, the left has another trick up its sleeve.

For no matter what, the American people must not be allowed to select the most popular GOP candidate of all time as their 2024 Republican Presidential nominee.

Per McClatchy DC, this so-called “Plan B” leans on the 14th Amendment:

“[Democrats’] attention has focused on Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, a rarely cited Civil War-era provision which allows Congress to bar individuals from holding office if they have ‘engaged in insurrection.’ A resolution to censure Trump would require a simple majority vote to pass in the House and Senate.”

Obviously, this nonsense has as much chance to be upheld as valid in the courts as the current witch hunt, but we digress.

The key point is that MyBookie, a major Vegas political betting site, thinks that somehow, someway, Trump will be prevented from running again.

2024 US Presidential Election Winner

Via MyBookie Sportsbook

  • Joe Biden +100 
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez +300
  • Kamala Harris +350
  • Elizabeth Warren +800
  • Michelle Obama +1000
  • Bernie Sanders +1000
  • Ted Cruz +1200
  • Andrew Cuomo +1200
  • Josh Hawley +1200
  • Pete Buttigieg +1500
  • Tom Cotton +1500
  • Michael Bennet +2000
  • Cory Booker +2000
  • Ivanka Trump +2000
  • Mike Bloomberg +3000
  • Mark Cuban +5000
  • Kanye West +5000
  • Elon Musk +7500

We suppose MyBookie may believe that Trump – at 74 years old – has simply had enough and is eager to throw in the political towel.

But in that case, the book simply doesn’t know The Donald.

Other top political sportsbooks, like Bovada and BetOnline, are a bit more on the ball about Trump’s future plans.

2024 US Presidential Election Winner

Via Bovada Sportsbook

  • Kamala Harris +450
  • Joe Biden +550
  • Donald Trump Sr. +800
  • Nikki Hale y+1200
  • Mike Pence +1600
  • Michelle Obama +2000
  • Pete Buttigieg +2500
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez +2500
  • Beto O’Rourke +2500
  • Andrew Yang +3000
  • + More

2024 US Presidential Election Winner

Via BetOnline Sportsbook

  • Kamala Harris +400   
  • Joe Biden +500 
  • Mike Pence +600
  • Nikki Haley +1400    
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez +1600  
  • Ron DeSantis +1800   
  • Michelle Obama +2500 
  • Donald Trump Sr. +2500
  • Donald Trump Jr. +4000
  • Andrew Yang +4000
  • + More

Indeed, at Bovada, Trump is favored to be the 2024 GOP Presidential nominee (+400), while at BetOnline, the Trump odds to win the Republican primary have him in third place at +1200.

It’s worth pointing out that yesterday, Trump’s primary odds at BetOnline were trending at +1400, while his chances to win the presidency were hovering at +3300.

Bettors are clearly following the Senate trial and have determined that Trump will not only not be convicted, but that the stunt (and it is a stunt) will actually further galvanize his base across the country.

In fact, many analysts think Trump is just getting started.

There are rumors that the former President is in talks to purchase Parler or launch his own social media Twitter alternative, which would be a savvy move.

There are rumors that Trump is looking to start his own news network to take on the establishment media that’s been in the Democrats’ back pocket for decades (and yes, that includes FOX News).

There are even rumors that Trump’s going to start a new political party and fundamentally disrupt the broken two-party system (or, really, the uniparty system) that spends far too much money and gets far too little done.

And, of course, you might even see some political prop bets on the above items of intrigue – even at MyBookie.

Regardless, you’d think that after five years of weathering every sling and arrow, Trump wouldn’t be a mystery to the Democrats or to the sportsbooks.

But then things wouldn’t be nearly as interesting, would they?  

Source: McClatchy DC