White House Talks Transition As Sportsbooks Drop Post-Presidency Props

Trump family

Whether or not Donald Trump will accept the electoral college certification of President-elect Joe Biden has been a central question among the public and certain White House officials.

“He’s throwing a f***ing temper tantrum. He’s going to leave. He’s just lashing out,” one adviser said of the President.

Some officials report that Donald Trump had privately begun to accept the reality of his loss last month, but that acceptance has reversed into staunch denial. One adviser suggests the President has dug deep into the election fraud misinformation within his media bubble.

“He’s been fed so much misinformation that I think he actually thinks this thing was stolen from him,” the White House adviser said of the President.

Those close to the President say that Trump has shut down recently, further removing himself from public appearances and showing no interest in Inauguration Day discussions and post-January 20th plans.

Mike Pence will preside over the Congressional session set to confirm Joe Biden’s electoral college victory on January 6th. The online sportsbooks posted Donald Trump’s prop bets on what he will do after leaving office. We break down the odds below.

Where Will Donald Trump’s Permanent Residence Be After Leaving The White House?

Palm Beach, FL -450
New York City, NY +500
Washington, D.C. +750

This is an exciting wager because recent news covers Melania Trump traveling to Mar-a-Lago to oversee renovations. It is expected that the Trumps will push to move to South Florida. Still, other Mar-a-Lago club members complained that Trump was violating the original contract of residency when he acquired the previously private property in 1983.

Supposedly, Trump cannot make Mar-a-Lago his permanent residence, although Trump’s lawyer has denied the existence of such a contract.

Compared to the other two options, Palm Beach is the most likely. Trump doesn’t want to stay in D.C. and has a few pending lawsuits waiting in NYC.

Will Donald Trump Accept A Contributor Deal Or His Own Show On A Television News Network In 2021?

Yes -220
No +165

Considering how the President has disparaged Fox News recently, he may not appear on that news network. He does retweet lots of OANN news, so that’s a strong possibility.

Will Donald Trump Announce His Intention To Launch His Own Right-Wing Media Venture In 2021?

Yes +185
No -250

This is still up to speculation, but currently, no rumors of such have materialized.

Will Donald Trump Create His Own Political Party By 2024?

Yes +600
No -1200

Donald Trump has flirted with running again in 2024, which will more than likely be under the Republican Party.

Will Donald Trump Publish A Memoir In 2021?

Yes -220
No +165

We never expect Donald Trump to miss out on an opportunity to capitalize, and although nothing of the sort has leaked, we can see a memoir as a reality. If you plan on wagering on these Donald Trump prop bets, make sure to do so soon as these lines will close as quickly as they become public knowledge.