Biden’s Odds Skyrocket After Super Tuesday Joementum

Biden Vegas Odds

You can no longer say it ain’t so for Joe after Super Tuesday.

Because the #Joementum is officially real and you only need to look at the latest 2020 election odds from Las Vegas to see why.

Democratic Presidential Nomination Odds

From Bovada

  • Joe Biden -700
  • Bernie Sanders +600
  • Hillary Clinton +1800
  • Michelle Obama +5000
  • Tulsi Gabbard +20000

Former Vice President Joe Biden is once again the Democratic nominee betting favorite at Bovada sportsbook, with their Vegas oddsmakers listing him at -700. At those odds, a $700 wager would payout $100 if Biden wins the nomination.

Sen. Bernie Sanders was heavily favored to receive the presidential nomination from the Democratic Party before Super Tuesday.

However, after Biden won ten states on Super Tuesday compared to four for Sanders, the odds for the U.S. senator from Vermont have since plummeted to +600, meaning a $100 bet will now win $600 if Sanders can mount a comeback.

But how likely is a comeback? Can Biden sustain the #Joementum long enough to hold off Sanders for the nomination?

According to the most recent delegate count at RealClearPolitics, Biden currently leads with 638 delegates compared to Sanders’ 563 delegates.

A total of 1,991 pledged delegates are needed to seal the deal for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination on the first ballot.

Biden and Sanders, who are now the only two Democrats left in the race, will next compete in six Democratic primaries on March 10, which will award 352 pledged delegates—approximately 9% of the 3,979 total up for grabs throughout the nomination process.

According to Vegas’ state primary betting odds, Biden is favored to win four states (Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota) while Sanders is projected to come out on top in two contests (Idaho, Washington).

Below are the current odds for next week’s Democratic primary. In addition, an early look at the Vice Presidential prop bets for Biden and Sanders immediately follows.

March 10 Democratic Primary Betting Odds

From Bovada

Idaho Democratic Primary

  • Bernie Sanders -130
  • Joe Biden +100 (EVEN)

Michigan Democratic Primary

  • Joe Biden -650
  • Bernie Sanders +400

Mississippi Democratic Primary

  • Joe Biden -10000
  • Bernie Sander +1400

Missouri Democratic Primary

  • Joe Biden -1200
  • Bernie Sanders +600

North Dakota Democratic Caucuses

  • Joe Biden -215
  • Bernie Sanders +160

Washington Democratic Primary

  • Bernie Sanders -120
  • Joe Biden -110

Biden/Sanders Vice President Prop Bets

From Bovada

Who Will Bernie Sanders Choose To Be His Vice Presidential Running Mate?

  • Stacey Abrams +185
  • Nina Turner +275
  • Julián Castro +450
  • Tammy Baldwin +450
  • Kamala Harris +650
  • Tulsi Gabbard +1000

Who Will Joe Biden Choose To Be His Vice Presidential Running Mate?

  • Amy Klobuchar +200
  • Kamala Harris +300
  • Stacey Abrams +325
  • Elizabeth Warren +550
  • Pete Buttigieg +750
  • Catherine Cortez Masto +1400
  • Michelle Obama +1800