Vegas Bettors Are Ridin’ With Biden For March 10 Primaries

Biden Vegas Odds

Get in, loser: We’re going all-in Joe Biden.

High-rolling political bettors at Las Vegas online sportsbooks are “ridin’ with Biden” ahead of the Tuesday, March 10 Democratic primary elections.

Vegas oddsmakers favored Bernie Sanders to nab the most states on March 3, before Americans voted on Super Tuesday. 

But then, everything changed when the Democratic establishment attacked. However, the party elites unsurprisingly vehemently deny that they told their puppet candidates to drop out before Super Tuesday and endorse Biden, who had just cooled off the Bern in South Carolina.

But considering how the Democratic Party is inarguably the most corrupt organization in the history of American politics, maybe ever, can you really believe anything they say?

All the professional handicappers for the 2020 Vegas election odds sure as hell didn’t buy that line of bull, and it’s why they turned a massive profit from Biden’s upsets on Super Tuesday.

With the DNC in Biden’s back pocket, they knew the former Vice President of the United States was going to end the night with a healthy delegate lead.

After all, the DNC rigged 2016 primary against Bernie and it’s crystal clear they’re up to their same old shenanigans in 2020. Just look at the Iowa Caucuses disaster if you are still not convinced.

Sanders could potentially weed out the corruption in the Democratic Party, but with all the household millionaire and billionaire Democrat donors united against him, the Vermont senators’ odds of winning the nomination might as well be lower than your chances of catching the coronavirus.

At the end of the day, we’ll know for sure whether the #Joementum from Super Tuesday is real or if it’s #FakeNews after registered voters in six states—Michigan, Washington, Missouri, Mississippi, Idaho, and North Dakota—cast their ballots and the results are reported once the polls begin to close tomorrow night.

According to the latest state primary betting odds from Las Vegas, Biden is a heavy favorite to win all six states voting in the March 10 primaries. 

In addition, the Vegas Democratic nominee odds for Biden have also hit an all-time high. The former VP is currently listed at -800 ($800 wager would win $100), and you can bet that favorable payout won’t be available once Biden and the establishment put an end to Sanders’ campaign tomorrow.

Vegas Betting Odds For March 10 Primaries

From Bovada Sportsbook

Odds To Win The Idaho Democratic Primary

  • Joe Biden -290
  • Bernie Sanders +210

Odds To Win The Michigan Democratic Primary

  • Joe Biden -3000
  • Bernie Sanders +900

Odds To Win The Mississippi Democratic Primary

  • Joe Biden -10000
  • Bernie Sander +1400

Odds To Win The Missouri Democratic Primary

  • Joe Biden -6000
  • Bernie Sanders +1200

Odds To Win The North Dakota Democratic Primary

  • Joe Biden -400
  • Bernie Sanders +275

Odds To Win The Washington Democratic Primary

  • Joe Biden -220
  • Bernie Sanders +165

2020 Vegas Democratic Nominee Odds

From Bovada Sportsbook 

  • Joe Biden -800
  • Bernie Sanders +650
  • Hillary Clinton +2000
  • Michelle Obama +5000
  • Tulsi Gabbard +20000