Indictment Odds All The Outrage At Vegas Election Betting Sites

donald trump and rudy giuliani

Right now, the top online sportsbooks have a huge number of political odds posted.

Seriously, this is the most robust selection of political betting lines we’ve seen anywhere since the days just before the 2020 US Presidential election.

And as usual, if you want to go on any line offered, you’ll need to place your wagers ASAP. Unlike politicians, these odds are very much “here today and gone tomorrow.”

Granted, most of the odds available are on irrelevant French nonsense like which party will be the next majority in the Australian federal election or whether or not Prince William or Prince Charles will become King by 2025.

You can even bet on Andrew Yang’s margin of victory is the New York City mayoral race.

Of course, for American bettors, there’s plenty of intrigue happening over here in God’s country, too.

Namely, for the first time ever, we’ve got three separate lines for political indictment (which somehow don’t include Matt Gaetz odds), as well as a Presidential impeachment betting line, which is tantamount to indictment.

And while this is no indictment against Bovada, you’ll only find these political props at BetOnline AG:

2021 Political Indictment Odds

Via BetOnline Sportsbook

Will Donald Trump be indicted by the federal government in 2021?

  • No -1000  
  • Yes +500

If the powers that be are truly desperate to spark things off ASAP, maybe. Otherwise, not a chance.

Will Rudy Giuliani be indicted by the federal government in 2021?

  • No -300   
  • Yes +200  

For what? Being a popular conservative? Probably.

But see above.

Will Prince Andrew be indicted by US federal or state governments in 2021?

  • Yes +800  

This one’s tough.

The royal pain in the arse may well get indicted for his role in the late Jeffy Epstein’s sex trafficking ring, but it probably won’t be this year.

And that’s assuming he doesn’t come down with a case of Arkancide in the meantime.

Will Joe Biden leave office via impeachment?

  • No -2000  
  • Yes +700


If you want to know why, find out in the section below.

2021 Joe Biden Presidential Mental Fitness Test Update

Will Joe Biden complete his first term as US President?

  • Yes -400 (-225)
  • No +250 (+160)


Actually, we think we know what’s going on here.

For the first three or so months of his alleged presidency, Joe Biden has been fairly absent from the public eye. Whenever he speaks to the press, he does so in batches of 50 or so words (including re-re-rep-re-repeats), minimizing the impact of his obvious dementia/Alzheimer’s/whatever.

The guy is clearly on his last legs, but as long as the media keeps Basement Joe in the cellar, they can sell the public on the idea that he’s doing just fine.

Well, don’t believe the hype (or lack thereof): Biden won’t complete his first term. That’s the whole point of the whole “election.”

Keep your eyes on the prize.

Which, right now, is an incredible payout at +250.