Perdue Announces GA Governor Bid, Overtakes Kemp As Betting Favorite

2022 ga perdue trump endorsement

And so it begins.

The Never Trump™ backlash is starting to take shape for the 2020 Midterm elections, and the first big development thereof is this:

Former US Senator David Perdue (R-GA) has announced his candidacy in the 2022 Georgia Governor race. Perdue will be giving current Governor Brian Kemp (R) a serious run for his money in the Republican primary, and he’s already favored to win the GOP nod at all the best Vegas election betting sites.

2022 Georgia Governor Odds – GOP Candidate

  • David Perdue -130    
  • Brian Kemp -110
  • Vernon Jones +1000   
  • Kandiss Taylor +4000 
  • Doug Collins +7500   
  • Ames Barnett +10000  
  • Herschel Walker +10000    
  • Kelly Loeffler +10000
  • Marjorie Taylor Greene +10000

If you need a refresher for this contest, Perdue – then a sitting US Senator from GA – beat Democrat challenger Jon Ossoff in Georgia’s 2020 US Senate election.

The final tally saw Perdue garner 2,462,617 votes, while Ossoff received 2,374,519 votes.

Unfortunately, thanks in large part to Libertarian spoiler Shane Hazel, the 2.3% of votes siphoned off by that useless candidate played right into Democrats hands (alongside “alleged” widespread voter fraud in the state), preventing Perdue from receiving the 50% minimum number of votes needed to prevent a runoff election.

And, as you’ll recall, Ossoff “won” that runoff election by 1.2%.

(This, incidentally, is why you should always pay close attention to independent candidates and third-party political betting odds despite the fact that no such politico is likely to ever actually win a high-profile state or federal election outright.)

Of course, the aftermath was severe, particularly for current Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.

Kemp, himself a Republican (or, more accurately, a RINO), stood idly by and ignored all the filmed evidence of electoral malfeasance during the 2020 general election and the summary pair of GA Senatorial runoffs.

He did nothing about the cheating except – apparently – to dismiss it offhand. Thus, in the 2022 Midterms, he likely isn’t going to keep his job.

Indeed, Kemp was already facing a “legitimate” challenge from professional agitator Stacey Abrams (D), making the new primary challenge presented by Perdue a potential bridge too far.

As an interesting sidenote, Abrams still contends that Kemp beat her for GA Governor in 2018 due to electoral fraud, thus perhaps handcuffing – or assisting in handcuffing – Kemp from demanding state election integrity investigations in 2020. Thus, Abrams’ claims in 2018 can credibly be viewed as having a sort of Butterfly Effect on what happened two years later.

Nevertheless, all you need to know about the 2022 Georgia gubernatorial election odds is this: Perdue is MAGA, and he has the full endorsement of President Trump.

Naturally, there are other betting lines for the GA election, as well, which are included below (along with our touts):

Will Stacey Abrams be next Georgia Governor?

  • No -200
  • Yes +150

Probably not, but she’s a big fat lock to be the Democratic candidate.

2022 Georgia Governor Race – Winning Party

  • Republicans -200
  • Democrats +150

As you can see, these odds are identical to Stacey Abrams’ chances above, as she’s the foregone conclusion on the Democratic side of the aisle.

It’s too early to tell if she’s going to run unopposed, but the presumption right now is that nobody on the left is going to challenge her Gubernatorial bid.

As a result, this line is basically asking whether or not any GOP candidate can beat Abrams in the GA Governor election.

2021 Joe Biden Presidential Mental Fitness Test Update

Will Joe Biden complete his full first term?

  • Yes -220 (-220)
  • No +155 (+155)

Joe Biden Exit Date

  • 2025 -140 (-140)
  • Not Before 2026 +335 (+335)
  • 2022 +400 (+400)
  • 2023 +550 (+550)
  • 2024 +1400 (+1400)
  • 2021 +5000 (+5000)

Will Joe Biden leave office via Presidential impeachment?

  • No -900 (-900)
  • Yes +500 (+500)

Joe Biden Approval Rating On Jan. 1, 2022

  • Under 42% -135
  • Over 42% -105

People will either be in a charitable mood leading up to Christmas and give Basement Joe a pass, or they’ll be infuriated by the general effect of Bidenflation™ on holiday cheer.