Republican Odds Vs. Democrat Odds At The Top Vegas Election Sportsbooks

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Earlier in the week, we told you about how the GOP has gained massive ground on the Democrats both in the polls and – more importantly – at the online Vegas election sportsbooks.

Most of our attention there, however, focused on the BetOnline political odds.

For whatever reason, it seems that BetOnline Sportsbook has really hit this particular market hard compared to the other two major political betting sites.

While all three sites offer a selection of political gambling fare, BetOnline features more lines across more areas of interest, from Presidential election odds and gubernatorial election odds to international political lines and tons of different election prop bets and specials.

That said, given the Virginia election last week, it makes sense that the action at the other two books would similarly show a distinct shift toward the Republican Party.

So, let’s see how the odds have moved at Bovada Sportsbook and MyBookie AG. (BetOnline’s odds for the same wagers are included in parentheses to help you shop lines for the best payouts).  

Current Bovada Political Betting Odds

Which party will control the US Senate after the 2022 Midterm election?

  • Republican -300 (-300)
  • Democrat +220 (+200)

Here, if you think the GOP will retake the US Senate after the Midterms, you can bet at either Bovada or BetOnline and earn the same payout.

However, if you think the Democrats will hold the Senate, you’ll get paid substantially more betting at Bovada.

Which party will win the US House after the 2022 Midterm election?

  • Republican -400 (-700)
  • Democrat +275 (+400)

This one’s a bit wacky, and it demonstrates why line shopping is absolutely “incumbent” on you if your goal is to maximize your payout potential.

At BetOnline, you’d have to risk almost twice as much money for the same payout on the GOP that Bovada gives you. Meanwhile, if you want to bet on the Democrats, BetOnline pays out significantly more money on that line than Bovada does.  

Which party will win the 2024 Presidential election?

  • Democrat -150 (+110)
  • Republican +110 (-150)
  • Any Other +1200 (+2500)

This one’s even more wacky, and it demonstrates the importance of line shopping better than any other comparison we’ve posted to date.

For example, at Bovada LV, a bet on the Democrats to take the White House requires you to risk $150 to win $100. Meanwhile, if you bet $150 on the exact same line at BetOnline, you’d win $165. That’s 65% more!

On the GOP side, the situation is the exact opposite.

And if you’re fool enough to bet on a third party (provided Trump doesn’t run as an independent), you’d win more than twice as much cash submitting that ticket at BetOnline.

2024 Presidential Election Odds – Winner

  • Donald Trump +300 (+250)
  • Joe Biden +425 (+400)
  • Kamala Harris +500 (+600)
  • Ron DeSantis +1000 (+800)
  • Nikki Haley +1500 (+1800)
  • Mike Pence +2500 (+2500)
  • Pete Buttigieg +2500 (+1400)
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson +3300 (+3300)
  • Cory Booker +4000 (+6600)
  • Elizabeth Warren +4000 (+2000)

Knowing what you’ve read about odds and payouts in the series of wagers above, it’s easy to see where you ought to bet on any of the candidates listed here.

If you’re a Trumper, bet on The Donald at Bovada. If you’re a Mini-Trumper, bet on DeSantis at Bovada. If you’re all in for Biden, Bovada’s the place. But if you think “VP” Kamala Harris is a shoo-in, place that wager at BetOnline.

And so on.

Current MyBookie Political Betting Odds

  • N/A

This is completely baffling. But then again, maybe not.

After all, for the longest time, MyBookie didn’t even include things like Donald Trump odds or Ron DeSantis odds on their main Presidential election boards, and their lines on all other contests – such as senatorial or gubernatorial races – were all over the place compared to the other books we cover.

While excellent for line shoppers, it appears that MyBookie maybe took on a bit too much liability with their dramatically different lines, and now – with the groundswell of GOP enthusiasm after last Tuesday – those odds are completely off the boards.

We suspect MyBookie will post a fresh batch of US political betting lines in the near future, and when they do, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.  

2021 Joe Biden Presidential Mental Fitness Test Update

Will Joe Biden finish his first term as President?

  • Yes -165 (-165)
  • No +125 (+125)

What year will Joe Biden exit office?

  • 2025 -160 (-160)
  • 2022 +400 (+400)
  • Not Before 2026 +425 (+425)
  • 2023 +550 (+500)
  • 2024 +1400 (+1400)
  • 2021 +2000 (+2000)

Will Joe Biden be impeached and removed from office?

  • No -700 (-700)
  • Yes +400 (+400)

Joe Biden Approval Rating By December 1, 2021

  • Over 41.5% -120 (41.5%, -120)
  • Under 41.4% -120 (41.5%, -120)