Trump Retweets Favorable Trump 2020 Betting Odds Article

President Donald Trump

Did Trump really need the ego-boost or did W.H. Social media Director Dan Scavino orchestrate it all?

On August 23rd, 2018 US President Donald Trump retweeted a tweet from his White House Social Media Director Dan Scavino Jr. who shared a Washington Examiner article detailing Trump’s favorable odds concerning the 2020 Presidential Election.  The President was apparently pleased by the article which stated that bettors had their money on his win for a re-election, however, not enough to expand further on the subject or share his own insight.

Twitter, a popular social media site, is the most favored platform for this current U.S. president to speak directly from. In fact, many Americans are aware and even wary of President Trump’s late-night tweets which either spout nonsense or get the U.S. President in a bit of hot water the next day. The context of his tweets and reactions by the public and media differ based on political party affiliation.

Seeing how the President is active on Twitter, there is no doubt that he is notified every time a tweet mentions his username – whether he chooses to check each one is uncertain. A number of articles have speculated that the White House Social Media Director writes half of the Presidents tweets and controls most of Trump’s personal Twitter account aside from the official Presidential Twitter account. However, the authenticity of Trump actually retweeting Dan Scavino’s tweet has yet to be determined and most likely never will be as more pressing issues are addressed.

For the one writer who crafted the article on how well Trump was doing in the political betting market – well, he was incredibly lucky. With one retweet by the President, Trump fans and foes jumped on the content which spoke so keenly of Trump’s odds. The article detailed Trump’s re-election odds were more favorable than other competitors and explained, more individuals are betting on Trump in the 2020 election than any other candidate combined regardless of what action President Trump takes.

To reiterate, whatever negative comment Trump makes, no matter who he offends, and no matter what he does all odds show him as the favorite. Bettors are not shying away from the President regardless of dropping poll numbers, they continue to put their dollar on President Trump’s re-election. Whether these bettors are Trump fans or bettors who love favorable odds, no one knows.

According to BetOnline, Trump currently stands to win his re-election by 3-2. Other possible contenders are Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and other TV personalities like Dwayne “the rock” Johnson.

The 45th POTUS Trump has received public criticism throughout his term over how he handles his presidency, what direction he leads the nation to – domestically and globally, his overall viewpoints, and speaking skills. Perhaps, in the most innocent of cases, the President was simply retweeting this personal yet minute win for his own egotistical purposes. On the other hand, the President may have not read the article and perhaps Dan Scavino retweeted his own tweet using the President’s personal account just to bring some positive news to the forefront of the Presidents daily rants.

Whether Trump is failing or winning is up to personal debate. However, bettors stand strongly beside him and continue to pour their dollars on his re-election success. Trumps 2020 Presidential Campaign odds were +275 mid-last year and have jumped to +130 mid-2018.