Vegas Election Odds Jump For Trump After Flat DNC Convention

joe biden frowning with eyes closed at podium

This week’s seemingly endless parade of pre-taped, celebrity-packed, reality- TV-like election hype – otherwise known as the Democratic National Convention – hasn’t just been a ratings disaster, it’s been a political disaster.

With viewership numbers falling far short of last cycle’s benchmark, the DNC convention has been the subject of late-night gags, Twitter cringe-fests, and memes galore.

But the biggest issue was that it was all so…vanilla.

And then there’s this:

Seriously, when have you ever seen a major party Presidential candidate put their VP in front of themselves when announcing the team’s readiness to lead?

Joe Biden is campaigning like he’s going to quit or croak about a month after winning the election – if he wins at all.

It doesn’t particularly exude much confidence, and with the celeb-heavy smoke and mirrors of the week’s convention (which mercifully ends tonight, if anyone’s still watching), bettors are waking up to the fact that Biden is less of a Presidential candidate and more of a Manchurian candidate.

The election’s betting lines have, as a result, seen a significant boost for Donald Trump’s reelection chances.  

2020 Presidential Election – Winner

Via Bovada:

  • Joe Biden -135
  • Donald Trump +115

Via BetOnline:

  • Joe Biden -130
  • Donald Trump +100

Via MyBookie:

  • Donald Trump -120
  • Joe Biden -110

Comparing before and after, you can see just how much harm the convention has done to the Biden campaign at the top Vegas election odds sites.

Before the DNC’s week-long less-than-primetime party commenced, the odds at all three sportsbooks heavily favored Biden (even as they were already narrowing from last month’s highs).

At Bovada, Biden was sitting at -160 to win, while Trump was at +135, which was a 95-point delta. At BetOnline, Biden was up on Trump -155 to +125, which was a wide 80-point margin. And at MyBookie, Biden’s -170 put him 70 points ahead of Trump’s +100.

Those gaps have now closed considerably.

What was a 95-point lead at Bovada is now just a 50-point lead for Biden. At BetOnline, Biden’s 80-point lead has shrunk to just 30 points. And, of course, at MyBookie, Trump has entirely erased his 70-point deficit and is now leading by 10 points.

And this was all in reaction to a series of choreographed, pre-planned, pre-taped segments designed to sell the party candidate to the masses.

Just imagine what’s going to happen when the Biden vs. Trump debates hit the air – if those will even be allowed to take place in the first place.

Case in point, there are finally some interesting and fun Vegas election prop bets posted about those very same debates, as well as lines on the Republican National Convention.

2020 Presidential Election Specials

Via Bovada

How Many Presidential Debates Will Be Held For The 2020 Election?

  • Over 2.5 -320
  • Under 2.5 +230

Take the under. TAKE THE UNDER!

Will Any Of The 2020 Presidential Debates Be Held By Teleconference?

  • Yes +220
  • No -300

This should be a toss-up, so go for the value and choose “Yes.”

Will The Winner Of The 2020 Presidential Election Be Announced By End Of Day November 4?

  • No -130
  • Yes +100 (EVEN)

Only if it’s a landslide. Otherwise, mass vote by mail will slow ballot counting well past election day. “No” is the best bet.

US Presidential Election 2024 – Democratic Candidate

  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez +300
  • Joe Biden +300
  • Kamala Harris +350
  • Elizabeth Warren +800
  • Bernie Sanders +1000
  • Michelle Obama +1000
  • Andrew Cuomo +1200
  • Pete Buttigieg +1500
  • Michael Bennet +2000

Kamala Harris is the only reasonable candidate, and that’s only if she’s the incumbent in 2024. If you think Biden wins in November, take Harris here. Or, better yet, dismiss all of them outright.

2020 Republican National Convention Props

Via BetOnline

Will any Charlotte protest lead to fire?

  • Yes -850  
  • No +450   

Obviously, yes.

Will there be a protest in Charlotte on August 24?

  • Yes -1000 
  • No +550

Again, duh.

Will “2nd Amendment” be said by Mark or P. McCloskey?

  • Yes -300  
  • No +200

It’s literally the only reason they’ve been invited.

Will “all lives matter” be said by Mark or P. McCloskey?

  • Yes -500  
  • No +300

Wouldn’t touch this one with a 16-inch barrel.  

Will “Mount Rushmore” be said by any official speaker?

  • Yes -140  
  • No +100

This seems to be a media narrative more than a Trump narrative, but probably. Take the “Yes,” but don’t risk too much.

Who will be official RNC speaker?

  • Scott Baio +200
  • Kid Rock +300  
  • Antonio Sabato Jr. +400   
  • Ted Nugent +600
  • Diamond and Silk +700
  • Mike Ditka +800
  • Conor McGregor +900  
  • Dennis Quaid +1000   
  • Stephen Baldwin +1000
  • Stacey Dash +1200    
  • Tito Ortiz +1200
  • Dana White +1400

None of the above.

Will “China virus” be said by President Trump?

  • Yes -300  
  • No +200   


Will “fake news” be said by President Trump?

  • Yes -200  
  • No +150

It’s the most valuable slogan after MAGA, at this point. Yes.

Will “Goodyear” be said by President Trump?

  • No -300   
  • Yes +200

He already said it, and it probably doesn’t bear repeating. We’d lean “No,” but we probably won’t go at all on this one. Just like our car after we took the tires off.

Will “hoax” be said by President Trump?

  • No -140   
  • Yes +100

You know it.   

Will “Nathan Philips” be said by Nicholas Sandmann?

  • Yes -120  
  • No -120   

We’re leaning “No,” here. Sandmann’s experience will be generalized as representational of the “Hoax” and “Fake News” themes.

Will “rigged” be said by President Trump?

  • Yes -150  
  • No +110

When has he not said it?

Will “Sleepy Joe” be said by President Trump?

  • Yes -120  
  • No -120

That is Trump’s official Biden nickname. It’s coming out of the holster, and more than once.

Will “witch hunt” be said by President Trump?

  • Yes -120  
  • No -120

We think so.

Will Mark McCloskey be wearing a pink shirt?

  • No -200   
  • Yes +150

Doubtful. That would make things too easy for the Photoshoppers.

Will Mark or P. McCloskey be holding a firearm?

  • No -400   
  • Yes +200

We wouldn’t go on this one, but if forced to pick, we’d pick the “Yes.” Props are a thing, and not just at online sportsbooks.